WHTVRINNIT – Ep.059 – Hello World


Celebrating broadcasting outside of just Twitch and Youtube whilst exploring why I was two different people during two separate conversations for different locations of the same organisation.

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WHTVRINNIT – Ep.058 – On The Ropes


The fall technology releases have got me on the ropes as I dodge jabs from the GoPro Hero10, Roland’s SP-404 MK2 and Apple’s Watch Series 7. Belated Birthday or early Christmas gifts to myself?

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Sunday Session – Lamb Chop (Drum Beat)

After a long and pretty arduous day at work I came home, greeted my girl, showered and propped myself up in front of OBS to rearrange the layout to accommodate my Akai MPC Live II. I had this drum pattern in my mind that I wanted to create whilst walking down the hill to home but somehow forgot what it was. I spent ages trying to get the alignment correct with the transport box, there must be a much more straight forward way to do it.

Also I’ve programmed OBS to transmit the whole screen rather than being able to do actual apps which makes it difficult to stream because if I open OBS it does that 20million infinity mirrors of the display. I definitely need to watch some more videos to work it all out. Some considerations need to be made for how much power my peripherals are drawing from my Mac too because when I attempted to use my iPad as an additional camera alongside my iPhone being connected, it couldn’t power both of them plus a machine. That was the moment when I figured that the GoPro Hero10 has to be the next investment alongside a more flexible desktop tripod that can be connected or attached to my desk. Probably wouldn’t hurt to look into some lighting either. Let’s face it, at this point I’m really going into broadcast territory like serious serious hobby going into professional setup type of thing.

During all of this desktop arrangement activity I helped my girl prep the Lamb dinner and made quite possibly the wickedest gravy for what was to be lamb chops, potatoes, parsnips and rice. I diced up half a giant onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a tomato, some granules of lamb gravy (well what was left), sprinkled some lamb seasoning, dried mixed herbs, salt & pepper, and the crowning glory was the juice from the lamb itself at various times through cooking. There were periods where I thought I’d lost my way on the flavour journey as I’m somewhat of a mad professor when cooking; no method to the madness just chop, add and taste. At the point where we were satisfied to leave things on the stove to do their thing, I retreated to the workspace and began to record a quick session rather than to stream.

Currently making lamb for my Sunday dinner and thought I’d make a drum beat whilst waiting for dinner to be ready. Thought it was a great way to test my MPC Live 2 layout in OBS.

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Khalism Live – Ep.004/5: Beanie x Lunch Box

The funniest thing about Saturday’s edition of Khalism Live is that I somehow managed to get a stream in and also pop into central. Usually its one or the other with me so to get a likely beat session in and a shopping trip, dayaaaaam I’m on some different ish.

The morning started just like any other. I woke up and had a glass of water and popped some boiled eggs on the stove. I jumped into the shower and got dressed. Once my boiled eggs were finished I served them up with some smoked salmon. I felt mega nourished. My girl popped out with her friends and I meanwhile was in two minds of what to do with my day. On one hand I wanted to make some music but on the other I really had no idea of what I wanted to make, on the other hand I wanted to grab a Maharishi and iPhone 12 Mini that I had been looking at online the night before. I was sure that it wouldn’t be in stock at END. if I went into the store so I made a plan to visit a Maharishi store which needed to also be near a Nudie store to pickup a pair of jeans. I had no idea of the type of jean I was after specifically but I was deffo wary when stepping out because I know that at the moment I’m losing weight so I wanted to try a few options.

Whilst eating my breakfast I rewatched Ep.003 and found myself amazed at how good the riddim sounded so at that point I was like “ok you’ve got about an hour to do your business and catch the train into Victoria and head to Oxford Circus”. I popped the 12 Mini onto the Joby TelePod Pro, opened OBS, popped the Maschine MK3 on the stand and got started…

My day was maaaad. It was different. I went out with a plan to go to Maharishi and Nudie. I was determined to grab myself a new beanie and maybe grab a new pair of jeans however when I got to Maharishi I spotted a lunchbox that I had been interested in for a long time so I copped it. Is £45 a bit much for a lunch box? Yes, but it is what it is. The beanie cost £60 and in hindsight it had me realising how easy it is to spend money, especially since I’ve been on self-imposed austerity since the start of 2020 to get my finances in order.

I walked from Piccadilly to Soho and landed at Nudie however I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice, how hot I was from walking and then putting on a mask, before just realising that I didn’t even know what I was looking for in a packed store. I aborted the mission and headed home to venture to East London the next day. On the way home I continued to watch what i had done earlier and I got GASSED!!! I had it in my mind that I’m going to head home and stream again.

This stream was special because I had someone tuned in from Canada who was really giving suggestions and responding to the choices I was making. It was the first time I had also been logged into my stream manager on a separate device and could interact with a viewer. It was a real eye opener because I felt encourage and it also made the stream more dynamic. I think what also helped is that I had a camera focused on me and I was talking my way through it from time to time so it added a new and more personable dynamic.

Hope to see you in the comments section of the next live stream: Twitch / YouTube

WHTVRINNIT – Ep.057 – Back To Basics


After a four month hiatus I finally made it back into the hot seat to record an episode explaining where I’ve been and why I’m going back to basics.

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Khalism Live – Ep.003: Ambition

Hey y’all! I’ve really been getting stuck into streaming lately since installing my newest and most ergonomic workspace setup. I can honestly say that it’s made going live a dream. I pretty much slip my phone into place, move my keyboard and trackpad apart, place the 3d printed drum machine stand in the middle and open the OBS app to get started. Due to using Restream I can broadcast to all services at once, aside from Facebook pages as I have to upgrade to premium, which is really good because I don’t have to heard people to different places.

Friday morning started out well. I stepped on the scales and recorded a low weight due to actually eating at a decent time and having more than enough sleep. Besides due to taking a break from the intensity of the gym for a few days I wanted to give my body some time to readjust. My bro sent me a message to give me the heads up about the Patta x Nike drop which I didn’t even look into a few weeks back as I figured why do I need two ticks on a crep but decided to try a ting. Surely this would be more democratic than an END. or SNKRS raffle right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After losing out on the Patta drop, I sat at my desk staring at my monitor and loosly scrolling through Twitter feeling kinda salty for a good 40mins completely forgetting that Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders opened at 1pm. By the time I got there it was 1336 and the shipping was saying some dumb shit like the 19-21st Oct and I was mad as hell. Thing is when I cop something I really want it on launch day ie. when its avails to the public or not at all but I still copped and for about 40mins I was set to own a Series 7 but in the time I was washing the dishes and boiling the pan full of eggs for a brunch, I said “fuck this” and cancelled my order.

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I deffo made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t upgrade my Apple Watch Series 3 until the mythical feature of the blood glucose monitor arrives and have recently had it repaired due to bricking it with WatchOS 8 Beta and not being able to downgrade I figured I’ll run with it a lil while longer. Yes I’ve been going hard on fitness and taking it serious but I feel like as my guy Kayeman put it “smart watches are all fun and games, they shouldn’t dictate the work you put in.” In all honesty 400GBP is a lot of money to spend on something with no yield and I have a lot of pressing priorities so let me stick to my vow after my iPad Air 4th gen purchase of not buying anymore Apple products.

If anything, it goes to show that if you can’t identify the reason why you’re making a purchase or even what’s driving the urge then you really need to chill. In that moment of madness what drove me to get involved with the Series 7 is that I lost out the Patta’s but also what drove me to purchase them was the hype and influence from my brother which previously I didn’t give them a second glance when they featured in all the feeds anyway. I’m tapped. Sometimes we’ve got to gain a hold on ourselves because this consumption ting is very real and has a lot of folks who aren’t aware or in control of their emotions to spend themselves into oblivion thinking it’ll make them happy.

I started this Khalism Live with a roulette of what poetry to record but that quickly got dashed aside once I made the bouncy riddim and freestyled my consumption calamity. Hope you enjoy and give me a sub and a follow on the services such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook.

Khalism Live: You Remind Me

A few nights ago I got round to recording an underrated and significant piece of poetry I wrote in 2017 after a random encounter one Wednesday morning. It would be years until I understood the phenomena or even revisited the piece to structure or make sense of it. The app I wrote it on doesn’t’t provide an audit trail annoyingly so I couldn’t see when I started to make the edits. As you’ll come to learn about me depending on how long you’ve been following what I’ve been doing is that I love an audit trail because time and date carries as much significance as the pice itself. It’s how I reflect back and know exactly how and what I was feeling at a specific date and time.

I recorded the poetry into Logic Pro X to no backing track at all and managed to narrate it from my external monitor which display it much bigger, thankfully, than the days of old when I used to do it from my actual MacBook. The great thing about nowadays is that I can split the screen between LPX and Pages to really record and narrate at one time.

At the moment of posting I haven’t taken any photos of my live stream setup but over a course of time I’ll keep you updated with how it unfolds. The way my desk is organised it definitely does make it easier however I feel like the arrival of MacOS Monterrey will likely make it easier to control the stream as for something like OBS can be pushed to my iPad Air but then again why don’t I just use Sidecar?

Maybe I need to test it out from a response perspective to be able to check comments and viewers whilst streaming. Also I can’t benefit from MacOS updates straight away as I’ve got to wait until the manufacturers of my equipment release firmware updates that are compatible first and even then I’ve still got to be wary. This was the case after upgrading to Big Sur. My MacBook Pro still crashes randomly when loading particular Maschine files which is sometimes a major nightmare when trying to work. What you will found in this stream is that it kinda happens with LPX when loading up You Remind Me file as the Splendid riddim is access via the Akai MPC Live 2 being in controller mode with the file stored on its SSD drive that I recently installed.

I know some of the above may sound like gobberdy goop to the unfamiliar eye but its all relative to the process hence why its been documented in blog form. Anyway… without further adieu here’s You Remind Me from a collection of pieces entitled Internal Affairs that may feature on Rhythm & Prose: 1012BC. The video of the stream is also available to watch below too via the embed.

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25th March 2017, 1015

You remind me of someone I once knew.

I think it’s the way your sunglasses are resting at top of your head as if they are some kind of tiara or hair band, holding your long dark hair with blond streaks running through it from covering your deep brown eyes that tell an eternity of stories.

You speak with the same linguistic flow and cadence as the person I once knew, poetic and soothing as the sound of the majestic Iguazú falls.

You remind me of her.

Similar genetic and cultural DNA, chilled and laid back sensibility, an air of having no care in the world, an island retreat and paradise.

Unlike Odysseus’ saga on Ogygia with the nymph Calypso, our stillness in time was but a moment. A grain of sand that seemed to take forever to fall through the portal from the top of the hourglass to the pile of grains at the bottom.

You remind me of someone who I dedicated verse after verse to.

Manuscripts manifested from a collection of thoughts.

Up late at night riding spiralling free writing trains of thought in a feeble attempt to descramble my brain. I ride this bus in the hope that writing it all down allows me to remove the remnants of you.

You remind me of the love I once chased as if I were the soda trying to mix with a concentrated and refined taste that burns the heart seconds after the initial sip had passed through my lips, meandering through the grooves of my tongue, flowing down the dark unchartered throatal abyss to leave a bitter taste in my mouth if left for too long between sips.


Don’t Fear Failure


Failure is not something not to be feared nor considered, just go for whatever it is you want and achieve your goal, live your dream.

Failure is always a certainty because its the opposite of success, it’s a 50% certainty of the outcome with anything you do.

The more time, effort, energy and enthusiasm you put into something, the more chance you have of success because luck is not something that happens, you create it by doing.

In order for luck to come your way, you need to put the right energy into the universe so it can flow back to you.

Forget failure because it lies next to success in the future, put your trust into whatever it is you’re doing and consider what you do in the present as the most important.

The present is the only place you can see, touch, hear, smell and feel.

Work on a second to second basis, all else, past and future is void.

Seek your prize, put yourself into the moment and stay in your present continuously, to build.

Each second becomes a brick, lay one brick per second of your existence, each brick you lay represents a step of progression.

Build the highest, and most robust, from a very strong and stable foundation, which will evolve into a town, a city, a whole universe of endless possibility…

The present is where destiny lies so grab it, embrace it whilst u can.

It goes nowhere but it also requires you to stand up and say:

Forget failure, I’m going for mine. This moment is forever, there is neither past nor future, just right now.

Think about it this way; a creator transcends time, a creator lives in one moment because that one moment transcends all time frames because a creator is eternal, boundless.

It makes no sense to procrastinate so become boundless, infinite, and timeless as the creator, live in the moment.

A creator is successful because they live outside of the hourglass, and dictate life in the confines of the hourglass from the outside.

Live in your moment, that’s all that matters, forget failure just do, be present because it’s one of the only places you can trust yourself to make a difference.

Excerpt From: Khalid Omari. “Catharsis: Allegorically Speaking”.

A Ten Second Affair

Event: 23rd September 2017, 1725 (Written: 25th Sept 2017, 2038) / Place: Pedestrian crossing of Lower Sloane St x Sloane St.

It didn’t take much to fall into an abyss of lost inhibitions and live a lifetime with someone you saw through the crowd in a busy shopping district one gloomy Saturday afternoon.

Time slowed down as she approached the traffic light with those dark mysterious frames, her light brown eyes hidden behind the veil of those graduated lenses, long curly hair with subtle highlights flowing with each step as she crossed the traffic island as if it were a catwalk at a fashion show.

She wore a slouchy, cable knit sweater, loose fit distressed denim that were slightly rolled up above the ankle, and a pair of white Ultra Boosts that had once gleamed in a grey afternoon, but instead told a thousand tales about her past adventures with each layer of dirt and discolouration covering what was once a white shoe.

I couldn’t stop and chat, that’s against all rules of engagement; I’m in a committed relationship, there are boundaries and that crosses the borderline of what can be excused and accepted under the banner of mere admiration.

I kept my head forward as we passed each other on that traffic island between Sloane Square and Lower Sloane Street as if we were two trains, on opposite sides of the track, travelling in two separate directions.

I didn’t look back for fear of losing myself and doing or saying something I could never take back so I kept moving. I mourned the loss of something that never was or could ever be in this dimension of space and time, knowing what my situation was.

That short moment when you crossed my path, I got a close enough look at you to disprove the poplar, ‘look good from far but far from good’ theory. I froze… I was mesmerised, infatuated, transfixed.

I tried to cling onto the railings that separated the world inside the hour glass of reality and the eternity outside. I played out what would be our life several times throughout the day in short fragments.

I could see myself in the reflection of a coffee shop window, listening to you talk about something interesting.

I imagined you being interested in classic literature from authors such as Shakespeare, ancient Greek mythology, travelling to places that don’t often feature on bucket lists; the rural and remote as opposed to cities, pop art’s clever juxtapositional methods; utilising cultural references and symbolism to convey a message, minimalist design and style, political history and socio-anthropology, ethereal music to soothe the soul and a love of putting the world to rights in silence when alone.

In that moment we crossed paths you stood still in a cluster of friends -each one as beautiful but didn’t shine as bright as you. Maybe it was because you were detached from your cluster of stars, in the distance not saying a word, head down, phone in hand trying to navigate your way through human traffic.

I was trying to detect the language spoken by your friends as if I was a CIA agent on the other end of a wiretap. I heard them talking but I couldn’t detect whether it was Farsi, Arabic, Phoenician or an unknown dialect spoken by natives from that region.

I’m wondering whether you’re Bedouin or Berber?

Did you catwalk across the stagnant sea, picking up gifts of salt crystals along the way, to heal these light scratches on the skin of what lust lies beneath?

Crossing coral reefs, stopping by Poseidon’s beach hut on the shore of the scarlet sea, as I gaze at you through binoculars from my minaret -my forbidden desires being called to prayer to repent.

Apologies if my line of enquiry is too intense.

Ten-seconds is all it took to fall head first into an abyss, and live in ten alternating realities at different stages.

No sexual or physical contact, just two people inside picture frames, on the discovery section of an Insta app.

Scrolling through snippets and snapshots in my mind, leading this double life, between dream and reality, as I explore all milestones using hashtags of a life that weren’t meant to be.

Time to lock these thoughts and feelings deep inside the antique chest, and go back to pretending never to have seen you or have feelings for those I vowed to forget.

Allah forgive me for I am no infidel, I’m lost in an ocean of sauce, not sure if these words keep me afloat or have me sinking deeper, perhaps more anchor than life belt.

My composed self is calling for order whilst the rebellious side had called a mutiny, casting Captain Bligh and the loyal authoritarians of inner self out to sea.

Ain’t no life in this boat as we float aimlessly, out on this ocean where I cant distinguish between sky and sea.

Land Ahoy!

I hope the watchman hasn’t been tricked by a nymph, whose voice hypnotised him, as I was when I caught your glint.

30yds away in a crowded place as a star in the sky guiding us whilst we navigate, through a whirlpool of fantasies, to end up on the isle of Ogygia with Calypso, where ten seconds became 10 eternities.

I feel guilty, I wonder whether my conscience has lapsed, because in the ten seconds I fell for you, I totally forgot about the person I’m going home to.

I’ve had to remind myself that I can’t dwell here, I must get back onto the surface, far away, regrettably, anywhere but here.

I’ve gotta cross the River Styx, ensuring I don’t look back, but the part of me that became fond of you did, so I guess he’s trapped.

I gotta keep going, keep my head straight -the walls are closing in, scrambling through the darkness towards the glint of light, the temple is crumbling.

I can’t look back, I keep running, far ahead of my desires to create a gulf of distance to make me forget… You.

I didn’t even get your name tho…

Isabella or Priya – a name fit for a princess, alas I digress.

I’m in a sunken place nowhere near the surface, washed away on the current of fanciful desires, I cannot escape my imagination.

Will I ever get out and get back?

… Who knows?

Maybe I should stowaway on the ship of my conscious, but the part of me that’s hung up on you keeps stirring the tea, so I sink deeper, several more leagues beneath where I’m meant to be.

Maybe I should’ve checked my coordinates before venturing out to sea, prior to falling into a vortex of my vivid imagination where I lived in fantasy.

The act of documenting, dissecting and exploring my ten-second affair feels far more terrible than I initially thought, although I doubt I’m the only one here on earth who’s expressed these empty thoughts.

Better to purge myself by exploring how I felt that gloomy Saturday afternoon, on a pedestrian crossing in Sloane Square, then to keep reliving what feels like a seedy and fanciful ten-second affair.


Decoding Ye’s DONDA

A few months ago I was too tired to stay up and watch a listening party that I stumbled across and went to bed. Little did I know that it would be two months until I heard the actual album and how much of an ordeal it would be to actually sit and listen to it in its entirety.

Is it me and my expectations, the way we consume or you?

To be honest I feel like that has been a trend with every Kanye album post 808s for me. I haven’t been convinced nor captivated enough to continue listening to them beyond the first. Maybe it’s my listening habits or simply the way I and the rest of the world consume music but one thing for sure is that Ye hasn’t been the same in such a long time. Maybe we’ve all just moved on to the next artist or maybe the levels that we held our favourite artists in such high esteems for have been surpassed by those that they’ve inspired. For example as much as Timbo is great for his beat making and soundscape legacy, am I excited about watch Timbo make beats on Twitch as I’d be excited at watching some of the new producers doing all sorts of instrumentation and madness? Respectfully, no.

At the time when the likes of Timbo, Ye, Swizz, RZA, Preemo, Jammer and Neptunes were doing their thing we were all babies without equipment or access to the methods but now in the era of info, the mystique is no longer there. There’s perhaps an exception to this lineup of someone like say Dilla, but what I’m saying is that with the floodgates open and so many people flooding the DSPs with music the levels are higher than that of the people we revere.

The industry has become fair for all, perhaps the only reason I’m attempting to write about DONDA is that I’m bored of and didn’t get sucked into the hype generated. Perhaps another reason that I’ve spent a lot of words painting the scene is that there wasn’t much moments on the actual album that stood out to me besides 24, Hov making an appearance and Da Baby with arguably one of the best verses of the year -considering what he’s gone though recently with cancellations and all. Aside from that here’s a few tweets expressing my lack of excitement and general underwhelmed reaction to DONDA.

If anything this album is a lesson in how hype sells and style overcomes and is much more important than substance -harsh I know and it hurts to write that but if you’re looking for any lyrical wizardry you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for vibes you’ll find it -plenty of it like a freestyled church sermon with the guy who makes afrobeats and drill in the week finds himself doing prayer chords on the sunday as the pastor does his thing.

Before you get stuck in dispel any expectations you may have. Yes it has the hype build up experience of a DJ Khaled cookie-cutter type album with different flavours of the same famous friend collaborators but this one is more like a melé or battle royale. I didn’t know what was coming next, what the sequences or story behind the album was, it was just random as me walking into that church on sunday filtering out the pastor so I can hear the drill and afrobeats dude play some great chords with the band doing their thing. Vibes you know.

Decoded Summary

In my first tweet I mention that it was suited for stage and performance art hence why there were so many shows on the lead up and if I went to the arena perhaps I’d understand it. It’s more catwalk and theatrical than a standard listening experience. I think I worked out the code of the album in the last sentence so forget everything I wrote prior but then again I was decoding DONDA in real time as I wrote this with no edits, just a big paragraph with no breaks [since broken up with meta titles].

Tweets Iz Watching

I set out to go to the gym and give it a listen but to be honest the first few tracks were hard as hell to get through after the Hov verse. I mean in all honesty I was more excited about that. It weren’t anything special but rather a backhanded compliment type collab which pokes fun at Ye’s expense for acting up and asking man to feature -think to The Godfather where the Funeral Director distances himself from Don Corleone to try to live the American Dream and runs back to him when the AD doesn’t do nothing for him. There was a track with these weird sounding guys which made me switch off the album and try to listen to the Nas album but after the 3rd bar I locked it off and went back to Ye [a story for another day].

At this point I’m in the gym doing compounds gritting my teeth trying to get through and make sense of the album whilst progressively loading plates onto the barbell like a madman as it was my second day back in months. It was when I was doing chest press that 24 came on and I was like “Rah… this is the best track on the album” and maybe listened to it three more times.

I heard the Jay Elec verse and though that it was a great nod to Monk and Nica -who Monk dedicated Round Midnight to, but then reading between the lines and knowing his ties to a Rothchild record exec in London, had me wondering whether it was a reference to their alleged tryst hence the reaction.

Workout done and I’m heading home when I hear Jail Pt2 and you know what I stand by the statement that I tweeted. They attempted to cancel him and to some degree it worked but Ye public returned the favour as Da Baby said he’d vote for him. What do we get in return? A testimony of someone who had it all and was humbled by not thinking before he spoke and was humbled by the world, now on an album sharing his experience in an act of redemption. Do you not see the religious imagery here?

The album itself is just vibes and feelings, Jay Elec is perhaps one of the only lyrical displays alongside Da Baby however Jay Elec is talking stuff we’ve heard from him already; you know all that esoteric, mystical lyrical that I love but when we’re talking in the context of trying to find redemption and using his lyrical abilities to share his truth, Da Baby trumps him on this one.

This is hilarious as by the time it got to The LOX the album was becoming an ordeal. 27 tracks is rather excessive especially when some of the features aren’t A1 as you would associate. It becomes a game of who’s hot, who shall I put on there. It became a melé of madness that I could no longer listen to.

Thanks for reading my decoding of DONDA. As a longstanding Ye and Hov fan, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed but rather underwhelmed after all the hype and talking points not meeting my expectations.

What are your thoughts?