The process of sampling from my vinyl collection into the Roland SP-404 MK2

Grabbed a Billie Holiday compilation out of my record shelf, setup the record player and got to work. During the process I found a way to cut the samples more punchy and also learnt a thing or two about editing the samples. The more I use the SP-404 MK2 is the more I realise that I need to approach it in a very individual way. I can’t approach it with the same energy I do for the Maschine or MPC as they’re both different in their own right, I gotta keep the Roland workflow to lil snapshots of sound and go from there. Operate in the confines to spark creativity.

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Cable Haul: Trying to overcome my fear of sampling

Inspired by the workflow videos from Malo Beats I headed to PMT Online to grab some cables so I could finally overcome my fear [or sheer laziness] of sampling on my drum machines; SP-404 MK2, Maschine MK3, MPC Live 2 Retro.

It’s time to turn my setup into Megazawd on some Power Rangers meet the Planeteers, Captain Planet rings combine ish!


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How much music tech can I fit inside this Incase A.R.C. Daypack?

I copped a new backpack from Incase and wanted to see how much music tech I could pack inside it. I’ll be testing it for the next 12 days so I’ll make a decision to see if I will keep it or not. I have a history with Incase as in previous years I had a great backpack which featured some really nice padding in the back of the bag but wasn’t too bulky.

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Yo Fam, Welcome to Khalism

I finally got around to creating, editing and uploading a dedicated channel trailer! After some years of just blagging with a random video I really wanted to present myself in a much more serious way. I didn’t script it but I spent a lot of time preparing the scenery because as someone with white walls and landlord to tenant imposed restrictions, I don’t want to always be in a white room.

I dimmed the ring light and setup a scene on the hue lamp which cycled through a cool spectrum of colours. Although there was a lot of noise on the captured footage as a result of the dimmer light, I really feel like I finally captured something close to a typical YouTuber atmosphere. I was really proud of this moment I cannot lie.

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Roland SP-404 MKII – thoughts from a newbie to consider before purchase

Yo fam, no one said that working on a whole new system and style from what you’re normally used to was easy but yo… No start, stop or play? This lil puzzle of a machine left me bewildered, frustrated and anxious. I remember being sat at my desk and wondering whether I had made a mistake because nothing was as straight forward as I though it would be, I was done. I really was scratching my brain wondering how to figure it out. Roland don’t allow the downloading of the user manual, resources online for total beginners weren’t widely publicised but in the end it began to make sense.

Even when I jumped on it a few days ago I felt that I was trying to figure it out again as I forgot how to create patterns. I was confused as to how I could play my samples chromatically until I found a work around in the feature where it will record the previous 30s of what you’ve played. Maybe there is a proper way to do it, who knows but the way in which I found works for now.

That’s the beauty of this thing, it’s a real odyssey to achieve the sounds that you want to achieve, it’s a perpetual learn and discovery expedition. It can be highly frustrating at times but when I do manage to figure it all out, I’m happy. I feel a great sense of achievement.

Would I recommend this to someone? Yes. I would 100% because it will transform the way you think about production and operate your other devices. This past 10ths has taught me a lot about how I get my ideas out whether through using the MPC Live 2 or Maschine MK3 or SP-404 MKII.

I’ve found a way to record my loops and arrange them live as one recording, as if I were working with a bunch of outboard equipment. It’s not the cleanest way of working however it ensures that projects are will be finished and released. It’s kind of an abstract and bespoke way of closure on a creative project. However the lazy arrangement audio comes out is final.

Alas I digress, here’s my thoughts to consider after owning the 404 MKII for one month…

WHTVRINNIT – Ep.067: Mistletoe & Wine


Celebrating the big day of the festive season by taking a trip down memory lane, expressing gratitude and well wishing nothing but optimism and reflection to one and all. —

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First and foremost I’d like to express gratitude that I made it to another year because as you’ve heard numerous times across multiple episodes, I had that thing that I don’t want to name because there’s a new strain of it that’s doing the rounds and it has a name that reminds me of a super villain from transformers.

I’d also like to express gratitude for the schools that have re-dubbed their celebrations “Christmas” everything rather than in my days back in the early ‘90s when they stripped all christmas festivities to be the Winter Fair. It just weren’t the same. Yes I believe in an inclusive society and diversity of culture but bruh…

Christmas is the bedrock of western society, Jesus is celebrated in all of the major religions in some shape or form ie in Islam he is known as Issa Ibn Mary, Jesus was also Jewish and as Christ loosely translates to becoming illuminated I guess the birth of the prophet can run parallel relations to the winter equinox and then the festivals of light such as Diwali and maybe Hanukkah -however the latter commemorates the recapturing of Jerusalem but you know the reach.

I’m also going to take a moment to acknowledge the Jehovah’s Witnesses who were often locked up in a classroom whilst all the Christmas festivities were taking place. I can see it as clear as day, all of you lot sitting in that cold dark classroom overlooking and hearing all the fun we were having outside. Come to think of it it must of been like watching the Israelites do all sorts of debauchery and idolatry whilst Moses was up at the moment, not to mention the many who would taunt you whilst you were stuck there. I can honestly say I weren’t that person however I understand as kids we could all be little shits so maybe I’ve buried the scene and remixed it to one where I’d offer to get you lot snacks etc.

Big up the Jehovah’s sed way because my cousins were all up in the kingdom too. It was a mazza to be honest because when we were all at grannies getting pressies, stuff would just pass them. However if my memory serves me correctly I believe my Aunty Bev will still give them something on the sneak as that’s how much of a lovely lady she is.
Big up Gleenwood Road and Elgar Christmas’, shout to all the cousins and extended fam who passed through, big up anyone no longer with us who used to be at the functions with us: Granny Olive and her husband Arthur, cousin Assan, Derek and all the names in the big list of Christmas honours. On the recent visits sending RIPs to Nanma Bess, Uncle Donald and Dean, Aunty Joy and also big up the Elgar legend that was number 20’s Frank Cook, Miss Jennifer and Miss Lucille from number 6.

Out to everyone keeping the secret of Father Christmas and spreading the message of kindness, togetherness and reflection during the latter months. To all the kids who go around their primary schools and neighbourhoods telling people that Christmas aint real, stop spoiling it for everyone else. To all the grinches out there who say they hate Christmas because of the consumerism, cool, I understand but see it from the holistic perspective that it’s the only time of year that we’re on the same page regardless of race, culture or faith -in the western society anyway, we are all more pensive and charitable. That’s the message of Christmas. It’s all about the gratitude.

To be honest, this episode ain’t really about Christmas as much as it is about expressing gratitude, so what are you grateful for?

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I am Khalid Omari and you’ve been listening to the 0-800-Yo-Fam Whatever Innit podcast.

Nos vemos el próximo sábado (we’ll meet again next Saturday)

WHTVRINNIT – Ep.066: Execution Is Everything


An open letter to the over planners to serve as a reminder to execute one of the many dossiers of plans they’re waiting for the perfect time to action. —

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Without action we have nothing.

You can have the best idea in all of existence but if there’s no executionn you have nothing at all. You do your inspiration a disservice by receiving such powerful visions and not acting upon them. It’s hella selfish.

You do yourself a major disservice when you share your ideas with the wrong people who rather than elevate and build upon the idea by sharing their constructive point of view, the folks you’ve shared it with are full of rebuttals. Remove yourself from those circles because you’re only being influenced to not take action and think about why it’s impossible rather than be in a mindset that the possibilities are endless.

Imagine how different the world would be if everyone executed some of their grandest and farfetched ideas. We’d probably live in peace with one another, we’d probably be bouncing around different galaxies and connecting with lifeforms, we’d be more sustainable in our living practices, we’d be more considerate as everything would be in abundance and therefore no strive for control as everyone would be selfless but here we are…

You’ve had that grand master plan bottled up in the dungeon that is all the rest of your ideas that you lock away whilst waiting in vain for the mythical event called the right time. Release that idea in the physical realm through working on it, share it with the right people, enjoy the journey to make it happen, don’t hold back, keep nurturing it. Allow it to grow.

Transform your ideas, converge your passion points, be less self conscious of what you’ll be labelled as if you were to go all the way into your ideas and bring them to life, be you and do you.

Execution is Everything… what if you don’t wake up in the morning and didn’t share your great ideas through execution or journaling them, what blueprint is the future meant to follow or be inspired by?

Execution is Key… we all start somewhere and need to remind ourselves that nothing is perfection easy, we must seek fulfilment in the journey despite the different checkpoints and trails we are faced with.

Be consistent… execute, execute, execute, assess and repeat. Sooner or later it just becomes instinctive. The tools you’ve assembled over the years of executing and manifesting will allow you to slowly connect the dots much more quickly to the point that everything becomes second nature.

Trust your intuition… follow the inspiration when it calls, find a place to journal or record an idea when it arrives, manifest and visualise the finished article with the steps and then retrace them in the execution. The end product is the sum of all previous bursts of execution.

Behind the great execution you got to have a great vision to know exactly what you’re working towards. It can be a manuscript, it can be a sentence, it can be a feeling, it can be anything you would like it to be. You don’t need to be able explain it to anyone outside of yourself, if they get it they get it but moreso you are the one that needs to know what its all about.

Reflecting on the previous year, would you say that you’ve executed much or focused everything on the manifesting, waiting at a not often served stop on the route of inspiration looking our for when it’ll casually pass by?

My point is as much duas as you send into Allah’s ears, you’re always better off doing in motion as each balanced step on the narrow road of manifestation, action and execution brings you closer to where you’d like to be.

What’s do you think about that?

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I am Khalid Omari and you’ve been listening to the 0-800-Yo-Fam Whatever Innit podcast.

Nos vemos el próximo sábado (we’ll meet again next Saturday)

Creating a jingle for KRL using Maschine MK3

This is perhaps the most fun I’ve had in a while. I had no idea how it would come out. I didn’t write anything down. I just went into the studio with the mindset that I was going to make the coldest and waviest jingle ever. From the bounce of the riddem to what I slapped on top.

Everything you see in the video was exactly how it happened and I feel like if it had been done at home it may have been slightly different or more tame but I was in a race against time; I only had about 2.5hrs to create the beat, record the vocals and mix it all down. The only thing I did when I got home is write and record the podcast episode.

How not to install an SSD into your Akai MPC Live 2

Deffo had a madness doing this. I shegged the installation of my SSD into my Akai MPC Live 2 and got pretty frustrated before realising that the plate was installed the wrong way around but waaaay after realising that I didn’t have to rip some of the foam out. Just for the record, don’t ever not stand by your trusty Ikea tool kit you’ve had for at least ten years for a cheap one from Amazon because that kit always comes through on the clutch.

I’m totally stocked that I installed the drive because the updates are much better and it’s great to have access to a lot of sounds inside the machine itself rather than on expandables. When updating the software I also get to install the extras onto the external drive like more synths etc and the only thing I need to make sure I do is eject the MPC Live when it’s in controller mode so I can continue working.

The greedy person in me wanted to install about a TB but the realist and economist in me said to go 500GB so that’s what I did. At that moment in time I hadn’t envisioned making much of a return on my investment straight away so I was like “humble yu self”. I’m happy I went the route I did and also thanks to my partner for the birthday gift.