Yo Fam, Welcome to Khalism

I finally got around to creating, editing and uploading a dedicated channel trailer! After some years of just blagging with a random video I really wanted to present myself in a much more serious way. I didn’t script it but I spent a lot of time preparing the scenery because as someone with white walls and landlord to tenant imposed restrictions, I don’t want to always be in a white room.

I dimmed the ring light and setup a scene on the hue lamp which cycled through a cool spectrum of colours. Although there was a lot of noise on the captured footage as a result of the dimmer light, I really feel like I finally captured something close to a typical YouTuber atmosphere. I was really proud of this moment I cannot lie.

If you’re a supporter of what I do, please help me grow through liking, commenting and subscribing to my channel: YouTube.com/c/KhalidOmari

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