How not to install an SSD into your Akai MPC Live 2

Deffo had a madness doing this. I shegged the installation of my SSD into my Akai MPC Live 2 and got pretty frustrated before realising that the plate was installed the wrong way around but waaaay after realising that I didn’t have to rip some of the foam out. Just for the record, don’t ever not stand by your trusty Ikea tool kit you’ve had for at least ten years for a cheap one from Amazon because that kit always comes through on the clutch.

I’m totally stocked that I installed the drive because the updates are much better and it’s great to have access to a lot of sounds inside the machine itself rather than on expandables. When updating the software I also get to install the extras onto the external drive like more synths etc and the only thing I need to make sure I do is eject the MPC Live when it’s in controller mode so I can continue working.

The greedy person in me wanted to install about a TB but the realist and economist in me said to go 500GB so that’s what I did. At that moment in time I hadn’t envisioned making much of a return on my investment straight away so I was like “humble yu self”. I’m happy I went the route I did and also thanks to my partner for the birthday gift.

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