WHTVRINNIT – Ep.065: Belief, Faith, Optimism

WHTVRINNIT – Ep.065: Belief, Faith and Optimism – A recipe for continuous growth, development and progress. 0800YOFAM – Whatever Innit


Why belief, faith and optimism are an essential trinity in both our professional and personal journey’s through life, and how they ensure you never give up but remain consistent on the mission you set out on. —

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I learnt such a valuable lesson this week which made me reflect on the past few and realise that regardless of how confusing the journey, how long you have to toil away in the dark and desolate battlefield, eventually the seeds sown will sprout into strong forests of influence and bear the fruits of reward.

It’s tough at times because there isn’t often a constellation to navigate from per say and you may get flashes of light from time to time to help you on your way but there’s no substitute for faith and optimism… Believe.

Do you believe in yourself and your abilities?
I’ve struggled with this for years as I didn’t want to accept the inevitable, I didn’t want to accept that in order to grow I had to stretch myself by placing myself in some pretty uncomfortable situations which intimidated the hell out of me but you’ve got to believe.

Well life is often like a dense jungle and a lot of us are the little sprouts out of the soil that are trying to grow, but often times the sunlight doesn’t penetrate the upper canopy to the forest floor so we must adapt in order to survive.
You’ve got to adapt and remain steadfast in your mission to grow from the forest floor, through understory and canopy to the emergent layer by meandering throughout the days to catch the light and water in order to grow.

Believe… Throughout your journey you will encounter setbacks such as being trampled by larger creatures which requires you to adapt to your new set of circumstances. Rather than see it as a negative, put your optimistic lenses on and see it as a restart; a chance to fortify your roots whilst rebuilding sideways. Rather than growing upright into the shade of the canopy, your growth is in a different direction and you’ve found a place where the sunshines though a gap in the emergent layer.

Believe… Growth comes with its own challenges which can be likened to all the weird and wonderful creatures that utilise your branches to transport, shelter and nourishment. You have both a duty and a responsibility to serve your purpose not protect yourself from your ecosystem with venomous spikes or leaves, how are you contributing to the betterment of the ecosystem?

Believe in equilibrium both internally and externally because you are your own PR machine. Be mindful of the spells and illusions you cast on yourself in both the perception of self and that which you portray to others. We are all superheroes with our own unique set of super powers that can be honed and utilised for the greater good of humanity however we’ve got to believe.

When the road is rocky, when it is dark and desolate, when your view becomes distorted and obscured the one thing that will propel you through the hardest and harshest of times is your faith. Do you believe but more importantly do you have faith in yourself that you will make it to your destination?

When I left the band and began my journey inwards without a penny to my name did I believe I would be in the position I was in now; being able to create on my own terms and be somewhat self-sufficient in the supply line? Yes. I had faith that it would work out even during my most darkest times where I questioned myself, explored other roads and was trampled. I grew in a different direction, I meandered to the little rays of light, I adapted to each circumstance and placed myself in situations where I could grow exponentially. My belief and optimism has led me to a place where all my endeavours have converged and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have faith.

Belief, Faith and Optimism are the holy trinity of development because they allow you to reflect and keep going. They allow you to problem solve and analyse the root cause in real time because when you are hit with setbacks you see them as a restart, when you are faced with a bumpy road you begin to adjust the hydraulics on your vehicle and mitigate for punches to smooth the rough ride.

The trinity of BFO allow you to keep going, regardless. They allow you pause, reflect and reassess the journey and change the course if need be as growth isn’t linear but a series of valleys and peaks. When you believe you’ve scaled the obstacle life tends to show you there’s even more work to be done but this time around you have much more tools of experience in your arsenal of insight to draw upon.

A lot of us have times where we feel lost but they are the times where we must reflect by journeying inwards to realign with the vision and have unwavering faith in our belief that one day we’ll get to our destination. There are many signs along the journey, with some pointing you wayward but if it weren’t for his belief, optimism, faith, and the grace of the Gods, would Odysseus have made it back to Ithaca?

In the Holy Quran it is said on countless occasions that “We are best of planners” so with that in mind trust in your instincts and believe in the path you walk because Allah won’t lead you astray, the road of unwavering belief and faith will only lead to the one where you’ll have an abundance of peace and fulfilment. So continue to believe, have faith in your destination and propel yourself through every restart and obstacle with optimism. What are you learning from each test and what experience can you tap into to nimbly surpass each perceived obstacle en route?

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Nos vemos el próximo sábado (we’ll meet again next Saturday)

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