WHTVRINNIT – Ep.064: What would you do if you won the lottery?

WHTVRINNIT – Ep.064: What would you do if you won the lottery? 0800YOFAM – Whatever Innit


Answering the all important question of what I’d do if I won the lottery. My response may leave you dazed and confused. —

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What would I do?
Well I’d disappear. That’s the long and short of it. I feel like I’ve been in a mindset of downsizing for a few years now and it began life when moving out of the family home on the cusp of being sold into my own place. I got here and thought to myself what all my actual belongings could fit in one suitcase or even a rucksack, I’d have freedom to move anywhere I please.
My 27″ iMac was perhaps the only thing from stopping me moving overseas but once I traded that in for a portable MacBook things changed. I still have my Mic, monitors and soundcard however the core of my belongings are either archive memories like books and vinyl, with the rest being clothes which I’ve always thought to myself that I’d one day travel with just the bare essentials like documents, cards, chargers but buy underwear and clothes as and when they’re needed. Real minimalist stuff.

What do you mean you’d just disappear?
I’m not a flashy person and I’m reserved. I probably will never tell anyone about my windfall either. I wouldn’t buy a house but maybe suite at a hotel which came with a service charge which covered amenities. I wouldn’t buy a car either nor deposit large sums in family accounts. I’d make some investments and be philanthropic but as I said before I wouldn’t tell a soul.
Money changes people especially those who feel entitled to it and begin spending your money for you. I’ve seen it play out on countless occasions. I find money vulgar when flaunted but respect it much more when the movements come without statements.

On a real. To quote Yeezy on his song from Graduation’s The Good Life feat. T-Pain “Money ain’t everything not having it is.”

What would you do about work?
I’ll likely, in this ideals fantasy, stay working until I figured out my next move was and slowly phase myself into a role which didn’t take up a lot of headspace or energy but then again I’d terminate my employment with immediate effect or take a sabbatical.
I’ve lived out the scenario in my head on many different occasions. Maybe a customer gets hella rude because they have a greater sense of entitlement and I tell them to do one and walk out ensuring I throw a wad of cash in the air as I exit on a busy Sunday afternoon.
Speaking of exits, I do often live vicariously through a moment which I feel deserved a bigger audience. It would have been the perfect exit to never return but there were so many flaws in the performance that I’m not surprised that it weren’t the final moment.
Had it of been me I think I’d not of repeated the same sentence, I’d of said it once, grabbed my stuff and walked off into the sunset never to return.

What about family and friends?
I’d pay off mortgages, create trust funds, invest in dreams etc but as I said before money changes people and I’ve seen a lot of spending of other peoples money or sideying.

What would you do?
First things first I’d just travel. No luggage. Just my MacBook, my camera, drum machines and maybe a USB mic and some headphones. Anything I need I’d pickup on the go. You can get underwear and toiletries everywhere, besides I have a wardrobe full of clothes and I pretty much only wear small fraction or rotate the 10 items.
As well as travel I’d invest in organisations doing work on a grassroots level which makes a change to peoples lives for the better. There’s so many people out there who have great hearts and visions for change but all they need is the funding.

What about your partner?
That’s actually a sticky one because as much I could say “Babe I hit the lotto” I can’t exactly say “You can’t tell your family or anyone else”. I mean I can say it and expect secrecy but humans will be human innit. My family will know, well the ones I’m close with anyway.
It all changes here because for instance I’m trying to settle up and roam the earth whilst creating but my partner may want to settle down here and invest in property etc. I’d invest in her and give her a portion of the winnings because then she can pursue and do what she’s always wanted.

Most importantly I think winning the lottery buys you so much time to concentrate on what it is that you love to do and allows you move at your own pace because you’re no longer selling your time for money anymore. Hence why I wouldn’t buy a house, get a car or flaunt it, I’d just wander the earth exploring and learning about lives outside of my own.
You’d have so much control over your time and what you think about and do due to no longer needing to be pigeon holed into society to survive that you’d grow more closer to God. You’ll be far less distracted when there’s nothing to worry about other than being blessed with a next day to live a life of peace, prosperity and progress…

That’s my answer, what would you do if you won the lotto?

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Nos vemos el próximo sábado (we’ll meet again next Saturday)

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