WHTVRINNIT – Ep.063: The price is going up


How much do you value your time and do you need to limit the supply to create scarcity so people appreciate the privilege of getting a piece of it?

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I’m not a fan of obligation or entitlement. When I encounter anything that feels like that I tend to do the reverse or even break the pattern. Sometimes you do things to be nice but then when it becomes expected it can easily turn into something which you do in vain to check a box and wash your hands of it.

Respect that I value my time and getting my attention in whichever form it comes is a privilege. It’s only when you start to value your time and presence as such that your whole attitude changes to how your conduct yourself. I’ve explored this on the Khalism podcast in a short clip and also in messages exchanged with many different people who I’ve had convos with about similar stuff but yea…

Value and respect your time and energy, if you feel like anyone is getting too particular with out then stop the flow of abundance and create scarcity in the supply line. That’s how you drive the value and appreciation of something up tenfold. It’s all economics.

I move the way I move for many reasons. I’m not an anti-social person, I’m quite the opposite actually, however I tend to occupy my energy and mind in a variety of ways. I’m someone who’s reserved by choice, I don’t live in my own mind but I meditate, process and explore life in ways where it’s me and God just building. I don’t say that lightly, I just prefer my own company and space to explore aspects of self to create things.

It doesn’t matter where I’m at or with whom I always think about the things I should and could be spending my time doing. The fact that I work 38hrs a week means that I often don’t have enough time to explore the ideas in head let alone finish them so a lot of the times. I’d forgo doing stuff because I’ve never not got stuff to complete. It’s like Michelangelo having the task of the Sistine Chapel on his mind and then being distracted and pulled in all sorts of different directions from the task at hand. It makes shit longer to do.

Me on the other hand try to do what I can on a daily to get stuff done but can’t seem to do it a lot of the time or I can’t really get time to just think and explore without being distracted by so many factors. A lot of the time I distract myself, sometimes I get distracted by energies from calls, other times I get distracted from not having enough time to unwind from my work obligations. 28hrs a lot of time in the week to build up ideas but not be able to exercise them straight away because you’re at work.

I think the secret to being hyper production is to have clarity of the mind. There’s no way to be as productive as you envision with worldly worries on your mind, that’s why the act of creating and completion is more spiritual than anything else. I call it God time because there’s something that flows through you, the type of focus that only comes from devotion and servitude to a higher power. You’ll really got to work out what the purpose is for your powers and what cause you’re using them for. Who are you surviving, what behaviours are you influencing?

It’s deeper than the average…

When I lock in to focus on something I’m very much obsessed and one track minded which comes with its own unique set of problems when you’ve got other obligations. Why do obligations suck?

Well they’re all the things that keep us away from the path to our original disposition and state of being. Obligations can often lead us astray. Obligations can often serve as toxic impositions that become their own mental and spiritual obstacles in their own right. Obligation to some degree breed an air of entitlement and if you experience that, well its time to limit the supply…

This episode was brought to you by Khalid Omari
Peace, prosperity and progress

Whatever innit.

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