Unboxing the Roland SP-404 MKII

Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do and from the moment I set eyes on this likkle gadget and its capabilities I was sold. I admired the way in which it was truly digital and integrated well into most settings, allowing you to manage the samples and loops via a desktop app and also utilise it as a sampler. When I saw people using previous generations I was often perplexed as there was no visible waveform editor or synthesis however the fact that it seems like you can work on this then connect with a computer to continue, made me intrigued more than anything.

You know the vibes and how I get down; I begin watching a whole host of YouTube videos and getting accustomed to the idea of ownership. The deciding factor for me is was it’s size, power, potential and capabilities to capture on the move with added portability. It was everything my recent purchase of the MPC Live 2 wasn’t as when taking it out the box and holding it, the SP-404 MKII was hella light. After watching videos by Jade Wii, Ave Mcree, Cookin’ Soul, Accurate Beats, SPVidz, and of course one of the Don’s of SP-404-verse, Dibiase, I decided to order it on a crisp Saturday morning before popping out on a later October date day.

I was pumped! I discovered Reddit’s SP-404 community somehow and began getting involved with in the upvoting whilst waiting for my time to arrive. It would be nearly 6 weeks between ordering and receiving my new weapon of choice. In that time I had also attempted to sign up to the SP Forum however as it was relatively early days in the release the only folks who had them were the agents who got sent them.

Mine arrived last week on a Thursday afternoon with the delivery driver leaving it on a porch and not ringing the doorbell. If truth be told the only reason I dared not report the guy is because his name sounded black and I didn’t want him to get fired. My partner kindly exited her conference call to collect it but due to the box that Westend DJ dispatched it in, I asked her to open it up just to check.

So here we are. The moment of truth. It’s arrived and I’m somewhat shook to turn it on and begin my experimental journey with it. I have no idea how to use this thing. I have no idea how it actually works sequencing wise or even drum input wise. I don’t even know if it can do polyphony for bass lines and melodies. I think I copped it because I wanted to be able to groove on the move. I really don’t know where to start to be honest but this is my unboxing, again before popping out on date day. My pack of SD cards are begging to be opened and used. I got around to registering the serial number earlier and somehow downloaded the software but yea, I’ll keep you updated with my progress. Stay tuned and connected…

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