Khalism Live – Ep.008: Noway (AKAI MPC Live 2 x Logic Pro X)

I cannot lie to y’all! The past few days have been maaaad for me. I felt like my day job stuff has been the catalyst of my next set of moves. There’s been a lot of podcast episodes alluding to my internal conflicts but after a conference call on Friday, I checked my email to see an offer from Restream for 30% off the first month subscription. At first I didn’t know it was only for the first payment, figured it was for the whole year but still…

Friday was spent creating accounts for all the services that you I can now stream to and go busy. Some of which were a complete failure like a few of the South Korean ones which are owned by the same parent company but all of the other ones I’m pretty straight on. VK I had to delete after signing up and can’t go again until sometime in 2022 as you’ve gotta use something a lot of don’t have multiple of, and there’s also some which I couldn’t understand the language or effectively translate via Google. All in all I paid my first discounted payment at like 2pm-ish but probably didn’t start my first stream until about 8pm and it was probably a disaster out start.

I tried to broadcast a podcast episode recorded of 0800YOFAM – WHTVRINNIT and it weren’t playing the live audio of the podcast during the recording for all who tuned in to hear. It was real amateur night to be honest until I started a stream from the MPC Live 2. For some reason I can’t use my Rode mic to narrate what I’m doing whilst the MPC app is open but now I feel like its kinda minor as I’ve perfected the layout -since changed since these episodes were recorded.

Started out with the drumbeat and followed the line of enquiry to record some vocals a lil hook but rather than do it the lazy way, I broke it down into different tones as if I were recording myself whilst creating the first iteration of the Up In The Ear album. I even started as I meant to go on mixing wise by splitting tones and effects into buses. I know I’m a reformed geezer.

By the second day I was gassed. I think I was amazed at what had happened the night before and spent the whole of my Saturday thinking about what I had achieved whilst enjoying the replay. I was obsessed in fact. I was riding the train to Tottenham Hale for the Sistine Chapel exhibition and started mumbling the bars whilst riding the Victoria line from my interchange to the destination. I said to myself that I should write it down but then apart of me had confidence in my ability, albeit rather my enthusiasm to train my mind to recall and remember the flow. I spent that day doing a lot of other things that I now can’t recall but it’s always fun to spend time with my girlfriend on a Saturday.

When we got home I was ready to get down to business. In recent weeks a lot was on my mind, especially after an interview that felt incredibly frosty and some other work related things so I got busy in OBS with the new layout. I didn’t plan to write bars live and it was the first time doing so using a word processor on the mac rather than phone or paper but it felt incredibly fluid. It made me question why I hadn’t tried it previously. The split screen on the apps too. Man that was dope when I think back to how it went down. I think I just love how the stream captured all of the ideation in real time especially around the hook and the arrangement of it regarding how it evolved.

On a very old hard drive I found a video of me attempting to film myself making beats for YouTube back in 2011. I think my Mac had like 4GB of RAM back then and was hella slow so even if I knew about software to record the screen and edit in the bootleg copy of Final Cut Pro X at the time, I’d be waiting a helluva long time for the renders. I recall waiting about 24hrs one time hence why I didn’t pursue the direction of video when it came to Up In The Ear and the Canon 550D.

Going through my archive in general really reminded me of how far I’ve ventured on my journey and how powerful self belief in your vision is. I literally got up out the mud and worked my ass off, investing in self with no help or handout and practicing on honing my craft for hours on end to get to where I’m at today. I’m still learning all these years later. The secret code is consistency and dispelling any self doubt that one may have. You have believe in yourself and share your passion enough to inspire you to keep going because ultimately that’s how you get better.

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This session was the catalyst for putting everything in perspective in regards to my day job and my moonlighting because when my energy had been going in the direction of the day job, I’d lost sight of my passion and hadn’t allocated enough time for it but that stopped when I was reminded of the fact of what my priority has always been. Never lose sight of your path. Keep striving despite the distractions to settle into the mundane, especially if you were never built for that or cut from that particular cloth.

I think the next part of this session will reflect my perspective and reflections expressed in here but until next time, subscribe to me across the socials…

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