Sunday Session – Lamb Chop (Drum Beat)

After a long and pretty arduous day at work I came home, greeted my girl, showered and propped myself up in front of OBS to rearrange the layout to accommodate my Akai MPC Live II. I had this drum pattern in my mind that I wanted to create whilst walking down the hill to home but somehow forgot what it was. I spent ages trying to get the alignment correct with the transport box, there must be a much more straight forward way to do it.

Also I’ve programmed OBS to transmit the whole screen rather than being able to do actual apps which makes it difficult to stream because if I open OBS it does that 20million infinity mirrors of the display. I definitely need to watch some more videos to work it all out. Some considerations need to be made for how much power my peripherals are drawing from my Mac too because when I attempted to use my iPad as an additional camera alongside my iPhone being connected, it couldn’t power both of them plus a machine. That was the moment when I figured that the GoPro Hero10 has to be the next investment alongside a more flexible desktop tripod that can be connected or attached to my desk. Probably wouldn’t hurt to look into some lighting either. Let’s face it, at this point I’m really going into broadcast territory like serious serious hobby going into professional setup type of thing.

During all of this desktop arrangement activity I helped my girl prep the Lamb dinner and made quite possibly the wickedest gravy for what was to be lamb chops, potatoes, parsnips and rice. I diced up half a giant onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a tomato, some granules of lamb gravy (well what was left), sprinkled some lamb seasoning, dried mixed herbs, salt & pepper, and the crowning glory was the juice from the lamb itself at various times through cooking. There were periods where I thought I’d lost my way on the flavour journey as I’m somewhat of a mad professor when cooking; no method to the madness just chop, add and taste. At the point where we were satisfied to leave things on the stove to do their thing, I retreated to the workspace and began to record a quick session rather than to stream.

Currently making lamb for my Sunday dinner and thought I’d make a drum beat whilst waiting for dinner to be ready. Thought it was a great way to test my MPC Live 2 layout in OBS.

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