Khalism Live – Ep.004/5: Beanie x Lunch Box

The funniest thing about Saturday’s edition of Khalism Live is that I somehow managed to get a stream in and also pop into central. Usually its one or the other with me so to get a likely beat session in and a shopping trip, dayaaaaam I’m on some different ish.

The morning started just like any other. I woke up and had a glass of water and popped some boiled eggs on the stove. I jumped into the shower and got dressed. Once my boiled eggs were finished I served them up with some smoked salmon. I felt mega nourished. My girl popped out with her friends and I meanwhile was in two minds of what to do with my day. On one hand I wanted to make some music but on the other I really had no idea of what I wanted to make, on the other hand I wanted to grab a Maharishi and iPhone 12 Mini that I had been looking at online the night before. I was sure that it wouldn’t be in stock at END. if I went into the store so I made a plan to visit a Maharishi store which needed to also be near a Nudie store to pickup a pair of jeans. I had no idea of the type of jean I was after specifically but I was deffo wary when stepping out because I know that at the moment I’m losing weight so I wanted to try a few options.

Whilst eating my breakfast I rewatched Ep.003 and found myself amazed at how good the riddim sounded so at that point I was like “ok you’ve got about an hour to do your business and catch the train into Victoria and head to Oxford Circus”. I popped the 12 Mini onto the Joby TelePod Pro, opened OBS, popped the Maschine MK3 on the stand and got started…

My day was maaaad. It was different. I went out with a plan to go to Maharishi and Nudie. I was determined to grab myself a new beanie and maybe grab a new pair of jeans however when I got to Maharishi I spotted a lunchbox that I had been interested in for a long time so I copped it. Is £45 a bit much for a lunch box? Yes, but it is what it is. The beanie cost £60 and in hindsight it had me realising how easy it is to spend money, especially since I’ve been on self-imposed austerity since the start of 2020 to get my finances in order.

I walked from Piccadilly to Soho and landed at Nudie however I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice, how hot I was from walking and then putting on a mask, before just realising that I didn’t even know what I was looking for in a packed store. I aborted the mission and headed home to venture to East London the next day. On the way home I continued to watch what i had done earlier and I got GASSED!!! I had it in my mind that I’m going to head home and stream again.

This stream was special because I had someone tuned in from Canada who was really giving suggestions and responding to the choices I was making. It was the first time I had also been logged into my stream manager on a separate device and could interact with a viewer. It was a real eye opener because I felt encourage and it also made the stream more dynamic. I think what also helped is that I had a camera focused on me and I was talking my way through it from time to time so it added a new and more personable dynamic.

Hope to see you in the comments section of the next live stream: Twitch / YouTube

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