Khalism Live – Ep.003: Ambition

Hey y’all! I’ve really been getting stuck into streaming lately since installing my newest and most ergonomic workspace setup. I can honestly say that it’s made going live a dream. I pretty much slip my phone into place, move my keyboard and trackpad apart, place the 3d printed drum machine stand in the middle and open the OBS app to get started. Due to using Restream I can broadcast to all services at once, aside from Facebook pages as I have to upgrade to premium, which is really good because I don’t have to heard people to different places.

Friday morning started out well. I stepped on the scales and recorded a low weight due to actually eating at a decent time and having more than enough sleep. Besides due to taking a break from the intensity of the gym for a few days I wanted to give my body some time to readjust. My bro sent me a message to give me the heads up about the Patta x Nike drop which I didn’t even look into a few weeks back as I figured why do I need two ticks on a crep but decided to try a ting. Surely this would be more democratic than an END. or SNKRS raffle right?

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After losing out on the Patta drop, I sat at my desk staring at my monitor and loosly scrolling through Twitter feeling kinda salty for a good 40mins completely forgetting that Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders opened at 1pm. By the time I got there it was 1336 and the shipping was saying some dumb shit like the 19-21st Oct and I was mad as hell. Thing is when I cop something I really want it on launch day ie. when its avails to the public or not at all but I still copped and for about 40mins I was set to own a Series 7 but in the time I was washing the dishes and boiling the pan full of eggs for a brunch, I said “fuck this” and cancelled my order.

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I deffo made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t upgrade my Apple Watch Series 3 until the mythical feature of the blood glucose monitor arrives and have recently had it repaired due to bricking it with WatchOS 8 Beta and not being able to downgrade I figured I’ll run with it a lil while longer. Yes I’ve been going hard on fitness and taking it serious but I feel like as my guy Kayeman put it “smart watches are all fun and games, they shouldn’t dictate the work you put in.” In all honesty 400GBP is a lot of money to spend on something with no yield and I have a lot of pressing priorities so let me stick to my vow after my iPad Air 4th gen purchase of not buying anymore Apple products.

If anything, it goes to show that if you can’t identify the reason why you’re making a purchase or even what’s driving the urge then you really need to chill. In that moment of madness what drove me to get involved with the Series 7 is that I lost out the Patta’s but also what drove me to purchase them was the hype and influence from my brother which previously I didn’t give them a second glance when they featured in all the feeds anyway. I’m tapped. Sometimes we’ve got to gain a hold on ourselves because this consumption ting is very real and has a lot of folks who aren’t aware or in control of their emotions to spend themselves into oblivion thinking it’ll make them happy.

I started this Khalism Live with a roulette of what poetry to record but that quickly got dashed aside once I made the bouncy riddim and freestyled my consumption calamity. Hope you enjoy and give me a sub and a follow on the services such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook.

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