Don’t Fear Failure


Failure is not something not to be feared nor considered, just go for whatever it is you want and achieve your goal, live your dream.

Failure is always a certainty because its the opposite of success, it’s a 50% certainty of the outcome with anything you do.

The more time, effort, energy and enthusiasm you put into something, the more chance you have of success because luck is not something that happens, you create it by doing.

In order for luck to come your way, you need to put the right energy into the universe so it can flow back to you.

Forget failure because it lies next to success in the future, put your trust into whatever it is you’re doing and consider what you do in the present as the most important.

The present is the only place you can see, touch, hear, smell and feel.

Work on a second to second basis, all else, past and future is void.

Seek your prize, put yourself into the moment and stay in your present continuously, to build.

Each second becomes a brick, lay one brick per second of your existence, each brick you lay represents a step of progression.

Build the highest, and most robust, from a very strong and stable foundation, which will evolve into a town, a city, a whole universe of endless possibility…

The present is where destiny lies so grab it, embrace it whilst u can.

It goes nowhere but it also requires you to stand up and say:

Forget failure, I’m going for mine. This moment is forever, there is neither past nor future, just right now.

Think about it this way; a creator transcends time, a creator lives in one moment because that one moment transcends all time frames because a creator is eternal, boundless.

It makes no sense to procrastinate so become boundless, infinite, and timeless as the creator, live in the moment.

A creator is successful because they live outside of the hourglass, and dictate life in the confines of the hourglass from the outside.

Live in your moment, that’s all that matters, forget failure just do, be present because it’s one of the only places you can trust yourself to make a difference.

Excerpt From: Khalid Omari. “Catharsis: Allegorically Speaking”.

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