Dips & Lo-Wu – Idle Hands

If someone asked me how I’d describe the journey of my mood through music artists or an album, I’d definitely nominate Idle Hands but more specifically Dips & Lo-Wu as a partnership because you’ve got explorative, journeyman soundscapes from Lo-Wu and Dips who has become somewhat of an internal soliloquy or the consciousness of the fleeting and reflective thoughts that live alongside our life journeys on a day to day. I appreciate how pompous that last sentence sounds but that’s how I honestly feel listening to these two. It’s equally as futuristic as it is a retrospective experience through the choice of tones and flows, there’s a certain je na sais quoi to Dips’ delivery of bars as in one sense he’s making sense of life, living it in the present but in hindsight all at the same time. It feels like he can be the internal voice in our heads or maybe Dips is giving us the forth wall to his existence. You know them multidimensional ones.

This is the type of soundtrack I’m grateful to have because I’m not a turn up guy, I’m mellow but not tortoise, Idle Hands has all the elements of my favourite genres blended into one masterpiece so as new and innovative as it is, there’s a huge element of comfort for me -it’s versatile and almost chameleon like for the way I just press play and leave it to do its thing. My favourite track is Active. I love it because I can vibe along to it but also I find myself saying “I’m an active geezer” out along with an accompanying skank. There isn’t much songs that can command and conjure an action like that that come to mind…

Idle Hands Release Party at Peckham Audio on Sunday 5th Sept, get your tickets.

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