Nutty P – Communic8

When I think of Drill music I tend to think of balaclavas, knives, warring factions of shotters and young men dressed in black wearing side bags and Air Max’s, I don’t think of ballads with electric guitar riffs and crooning. I didn’t think of bottomless mimosas with mini parasols on top or hor d’oeuvres at an evening soiree until I heard this track from Nutty P -mastermind chameleon of production for all of your faves, some of which have been covered here such as Shay D.

Communic8 is described as neo-drill because of its soulful chords, sweet guitar riffs and grime sonics which is part of a larger motion picture of tracks called The Big Smoke to be released on September 8th. At this point there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the release of the motion picture but sources close to the artist say there’s a premiere the movie on 2nd September at an undisclosed location.

Overall Communic8 and the snippets i’ve heard from The Big Smoke are slightly changing my perceptions of drill. Prior it would’ve been something I’d listen to at the gym during a workout or whilst trying to get my energy up to face yet another depressing shift in retail sales, now this NeoDrill -some may not like any of the Neo-ting because it reminds them of when the NeoPeckham and NeoHackney lot were gentrifying genres [and the ends] by grabbing old Eski and UK Garage sounds before adding softer layers to then release and label them as NeoGrime/Garage but then again if you were familiar with who Anton Flanders aka Stinkahbell, aka Nutty-P is, they’d realised that he’s produced for UK heavy hitters that you know and love, its pushing the sound forward not gentrifying it… Anyway let me continue with the imagery -malarky has got me picturing sunshine dining at a rooftop restaurant at Selfridges, eating freshly filleted sea bass that I didn’t even have to season with extra salt and pepper with a side of calamari -the real stuff not a palette of Kirkland rings restaurants buy frozen from Costco and charge you £10 a portion, the real freshly battered before the afternoon reopening type- accompanied with a big dutty glass of Aperol spritz to sip on. You know dem ones!

Listen/Buy Communic8 here | Pre-Save The Big Smoke here

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