Shay D – Speaking In Tongues

2021 has been a bit of a mad one but we finally get one of the most highly anticipated albums this year. It’s not even something I say lightly either because this rodeo from Shay D was different. We’re getting different production styles, different types of visuals, artwork and collaborations which had me wondering and equally not knowing what to expect. Obvs we’d get the bars, we’d get the headbobbing beats but what would we get following being in a pandemic for the past year and a half?

Remember Shay had one hell of a trajectory following her 2018 release Human Writes; a UK wide all female tour which also touched the Eurozone and the features on BBC, Red Bull and other networks. Workaholic, well never not working is a better way of putting it, combined with the outreach she does in facilitating creative workshops and outreach work to inspire the youngsters. When the pen touched the pad for this album I think we got the unpacking from all the experiences, thoughts and manifestations from the campaign in 2018 til now. It shows in the pacing of the tracklist; we get the tough and hardened flows at the beginning but as we journey further the layers begin to unravel until we reach the core.

My favourite tracks are Celebrate Life, Dreams, Run to Me, More than Friends and Send Them Home.

Speaking In Tongues which features artists such as P Money, Lioness, Capo Lee and more with production from an all star lineup of Mystry, Nutty P, Star One and others. Expect head-top spinning bars, heartfelt introspection and vibes.

Find it on your fave service:

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