Grizzly – I and I

I saw a tweet from Rigga Romez, Linch Linky, which gave an education that Jamaica is pretty much an architect of sound and culture which means that UK Music Culture owes a lot to us.

A lot of us have known that for years but those that weren’t neceesarily in the know would never have known the history and significance of Jamaican influence across the globe; from Marcus Garvey’s philosophies inspiring the likes of Malcolm X, Ghana’s Kware Nkrumah to Bob Marley’s protest music soundtracking and inspiring the protest movements which led to a lot of countries fighting for their independence from their colonial powers. Alas I digress…

Grizzly’s I and I is a masterclass in sewing the thread between the music of right now and the influence of Jamaica on the underground music and subculture’s. My favourite track is Pree Tings which is like that big voice call to action anthem in which you’d stand up tall when hearing it. It’s got that big suitcase fully money, Mercedes G-Wagon type of energy to it.

Happy Jamaican Independence Day!

Find it on your favourite platform:

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