New External Drive and Labeller

After the debacle that was editing and uploading Find Your Fitrah, I really became concerned about the backup of data and how I was to edit and store my files. I got myself a LaCie 4TB external drive and discovered a Brother P-Touch H101TB labeller somewhere in the house and figured I’d put it to use.

This was the very first video I have editing on an external source and there’s definitely a difference when it comes to read speeds and rendering. I figure that it’s better to continue editing on the external to getting into the habit of doing so. It obviously isn’t better than doing it with the libraries stored locally because of all the transferring back and forth, also add all the rendering files too. Besides everything would be in one place.

One thing I realised is that this LaCie drive is about 10mb/s transfer speed slower than the drive I got with my Mac that I use as a Time Machine backup. In that sense I accept the L on that but we move…

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