New Podcast – Khalism

Whilst testing out my DJI Pocket 2 by filming in 4k30fps mode, I made the decision to start a new podcast. I have had the idea for some years but was too shy to do it but as time has gone on I’ve not only become much more confident in front of the camera but I’m also much more confident with showcasing my literature too.

I’ve spent countless hours over the past week cleaning up and redecorating in preparation for the upcoming content with a Podcast page and also categories for Vlogs. In the video I also express that I’ll be transitioning away from 0800YOFAM to really focus on this endeavour because I feel more free and unrestricted to be myself without an alias.

The footage was not enhanced or colour corrected but the audio was equalised to stand out above the backing track which I produced called Riding Around from the 0800YOFAM album.

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