Air Max Day

Air Max Day in recent years has been a bittersweet celebration for me. On one hand I feel nostalgic when I think about all the great times I’ve had in both wearing and going to the ends of the earth to purchase them in the glory days, on the other side of it I’m traumatised by the sheer amount of raffles and draws I’ve lost. That email from the SNKRS app used to be a badge of honour but I quickly realised that I was doing marketing for free so I stopped sharing my Ls.

This episode isn’t marketing but a bittersweet trip where nostalgia and respect prevails any of the saltiness I felt at the start. For all those lucky enough to cop pairs of kicks at retail without the clownery of doing free marketing, hats off and raised glasses to you all who refused to jump through hoops and were successful unlike myself.

Happy Air Max Day.

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