WHTVRINNIT – Ep.048 – Small Axe

I watch things like Small Axe and find my blood pressure rises because all these years later a lot hasn’t changed. Archive footage will tell you the same story.

Before Brexit because a thing again you’d find the same debate on a Kilroy show in the late 80s to early 90s.

These folk play the long game through policies as if they were playing a game of American football and advancing a yard at a time until they reach the end zone. Check Friedman vs. Keyes, a battle of ideology which was fought over the course of the 21st century.

Big 2021 and we’re still talking about institutional racism in the police, state, corporate structures and their mistreatment of black people. Archive footage from earlier than the 60s right through to today will show you the same thing.

A lot of what’s the topic of conversation is nothing new it’s just that you can no longer turn a blind eye and be ignorant to the change as the oppressed are amplifying their voices.

Go deeper into the vortex and see that it transcends all boundaries and differences, it’s simply a battle between the greedy and malnourished.

There’s obvious differences but ultimately we all want the same thing which is to achieve a fair global society of egalitarianism where everyone has equity and equality.

However with such an imbalance between those who observe nature’s importance and practice a sense of community at odds with those who value individualism, it’ll be a struggle.

At every point you hit barriers where people misinterpret traditions, culture and coping mechanisms for trauma with their true identity.

Are you willing to refute all you’ve ever known for a better tomorrow?

Are you in pursuit of truth or comfort?

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