Youngs Teflon – Call of Duty 3

Teflon never disappoints. You always can expect that you’ll get some lyrical wizardry delivered in an effortless manner, some food for thought and a trip down memory lane. The thing about Tef that I rate is that he epitomises the life of a South Londoner; no glitz, glamour or garish drip lyrics in favor of painting grim, true to life scenes of the harsh realities of life growing up across the boroughs.

The lone star of South London rides off into the distance after dropping an album of bangers.

If I had to pick a favourite on Call of Duty 3, it would deffo be out of Double Dose, The Gulag and Rule of Two. Dave’s verse is maaaaaad on Rule of Two; Greek Myth references and quoting the French philosopher Descartes. For a nerd like me that could be guest verse of the year. Boost’s verse on Double Dose is flawless. He doesn’t brag or flex he just tells it as is but from the clarity of his delivery its cinematic because if you remember that era in comparison to now, you can see it as if it were happening now. A trip down memory lane for sure.

On the previous project Teflon gave us Lambeth and this album we get the crown jewel of Call of Duty 3 which is The Gulag. It’s a haunting backdrop to some thought provoking and introspective lyrics with the opening lines;

We just lost man to the streets so funeral costs can’t fall on Mumzy. Gave man a brick at the border, I don’t want to see no GoFundMe’s…

Teflon sets the tone by sharing one of the unwritten codes of conduct as if to address something that in recent years has gotten lost somewhere in the transference of baton to today’s generation of digital drillers and trappers. Youngs reminds the new generation to go back to the basics and uphold the fundamentals in the unspoken codes and to put respect on its players to restore some honour to it in a world of the social documenting of your downfall for a few clout points.

Let me know your thoughts, what’s your favourite song and/or lyric on the album and why?

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