WHTVRINNIT – Ep.045 – Old People are Annoying

Old people are annoying!

They never keep their distance and almost always seem entitled to invade your personal space at a time in history where the world has to stay 6ft apart to remain safe. Can someone tell me why they always wait until it’s too late in the checkout process to start looking for coupons or checking why something weren’t included in their special deal?

Old people are annoying!

The same chunk of the population that won’t be alive to experience the fuckry of an aftermath from the Brexit vote, are the same ones who cut off our nose to spite our face because they don’t like foreigners or foreign cultures because they feel like the world coming to terms with Britain’s exploitative legacy of empire and imperialism is mistaken for the becoming more sensitive which means the old ways of thinking being pushed to the peripheries. They’ve continuously voted in favour of austerity and cutbacks as long as their pockets have been lined but also voted for us to leave the EU. For real for real. It’s fucked up.

Old people are annoying!

You know the ones who got to buy their big ol’ house in the suburbs which was in proportion with their salary when houses were going for dirt cheap. The days when it made sense to jump into the market if you could foresee your profit because you were buying a house to raise a family and live in forever rather than feel like you had to become a property tycoon to escape the rat race as you’re barely floating about water.

The average cost of a property in some parts of the UK is £600k but if your salary is just about scratching £30k and you can’t afford a deposit, you’re either scratching lotto tickets, trying all sorts of side-hustles and get rich quick schemes or praying for an old person with no kids in the family to die so you get the inheritance. On a real!

Old people are annoying!

I mean that with the upmost respect.

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