ENNY – Peng Black Girls ft. Amia Brave

This is fresh, this is what representation looks like, this is what culture looks like, this is what I see when I think of being Black in the United Kingdom, this is exactly what women in the community look and sound like, this is a strong representation of community. The song and the message is dope too.

There’s peng Black girls in my area code /​Dark skin, light skin, medium tones /​Perm tings, braids, got mini afros…

I’m glad that this popped up in my YouTube recommendations. I was intrigued and I felt like I’ve been thirsting for such representations of the strong beautiful black women from our community. Absolutely love the representing the culture too and also the featuring of the elders in the visuals, dressed up in the cultural attire and showing us a representation of our communities.

Why do I love this so much, well like I said before, we are so much more than the preconceived stereotypes that are perpetuated in the media and representations that we consume. Enny breaks the mould and I’m so grateful for it.

Thank you so much!


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