Khalid Omari – Cogitation pt.2 [Out Now]

A global pandemic brought the world to a standstill and it was therapeutic to just be still but equally as exhausting both spiritually and mentally as human right catastrophes unfolded. During this time the world woke up to issues that they traditionally turned a blind eye to before doing a lot of performative stuff. Meanwhile corporations co-opted the cause and got it terribly wrong a bunch of times, media outlets remained silent and politicians waited for the ‘moment’ to pass.

Khalid Omari returns with a spoken word album which features observations about racism and the struggle for black liberation amidst a global pandemic.

Throughout this time I was processing what was happening and decided to not only record what I had written but also record some of the replies I sent from conversational exchanges. The album is programmed in chronological order. An eBook will arrive shortly.

Let me know what y’all think, what resonates with you the most?

Click here to listen/purchase on your favourite service

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