Grime eTales – Search Party for Liberation

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the poetry I wrote during the Grime eTales workshop hosted by renowned Birmingham poet Casey Bailey, which took place during a pandemic over Zoom, is featured as part of a poetry anthology with some amaaaaazing writers from all over the UK.

It’s probably the first time since university that my writing has been featured somewhere outside of my own blogs, so you can imagine how happy I am. Also the audiobook is coming and its the first time my voice would be featured on releases other than my own. The snippets I’ve heard so far are straight flames! You’re in for a treat!


Here’s a bit more about the Grime eTales:

DeFaceless PROducer, a writer & music producer with national and international broadcast credits is the brainchild behind Grime eTales. It was devised using public funding from Arts Council England to innovate ways to interest those that do not typically engage with literature. Special Thanks to writer & Grime aficionado, Casey Bailey who led the 6 week poetry workshop.

The modus operandi entails using workshops & the electronic-based music genre of UK Grime to create poetry & fiction from seldom heard voices, packaged in an audio & electronic book.

6 poets from across the UK innovatively use UK Grime music as inspiration to reflect upon the concept of liberation in its various manifestations. Whether freedom from social expectations, religious indoctrination and self-hatred, to the ubiquity of iniquity via discrimination.

This fusion has the option of accompanying audio, using the age-old purity of the spoken word expressed through the electronic medium of UK Grime. Therefore whether reading or listening, DeFaceless Producer and the writers paint sonic tapestries that aid your journey through a poetic landscape.


Please connect with my fellow contributors;


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