The Cosy Kitchen – Beckenham

If you’re into comfort food where you know what to expect in regards to taste and options, when you really don’t have to be hard pressed to find desirable food options, look no further than The Cosy Kitchen in Beckenham.

A plethora of vegetarian and vegan options, great tasting food, calming and thoughtful interior design, great value for money.

Menu Options

The menu can be described as ‘controlled extensive catered to all’ because it features breakfasts, salads and light mains to suit everyone. I also was impressed by their Vegan, Pescatarian and Vegetarian options because there truly was something for all tastes. If I was to name a target customer I’d probably guess it was for the post yoga session or gym bunnies who fancy something light before they continue their day. The prices were reasonable too with everything we had eaten being in the region of around £27 which was for two mains and two drinks.

Catering to Preferences

If I were to have one criticism, it would definitely be the lack of ‘favourable’ halal or kosher substitutes for the pork sausages and bacon because not all non-pork eaters fancy leaves or ‘veggie’ sausages. I chose the Mediterranean Superfood plate which is one of a lot of Vegetarian and Vegan choices. I loved it! The spinach was cooked well, the avocado was ripe and tasty, the portobello mushroom was nice as were the eggs which I had sunny side up. I found myself really enjoying the halloumi and tomatoes which are two things I tend to avoid but the only thing I didn’t eat on the play was the sour dough bread.

Final thoughts…

I was impressed by the food as much as I was impressed by the lighting and how comfortable their chairs were which made the slippery tables bearable. There’ll be no doubt in my mind that The Cosy Kitchen will definitely see me again but hopefully when I return thee’ll be desirable pork substitutes such as beef, turkey or venison which cater to the halal, kosher, et al crew.

Who’s next?… go, go, go, go.

The Cosy Kitchen
Mediterranean Superfood Plate and Crispy Chicken

The Cosy Kitchen, 82 High Street, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1ED


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