Ableton Edit 001 – Emotional Justice

If you’ve followed me on a journey throughout my many carnations of blogging and music production, you’d be familiar in my long-term association with Ableton Live. Some of it has been somewhat of a love hate relationship as there’s a limited amount of things that I know how to use it to do. It also annoys me that I don’t know how to do exactly the same in Logic Pro X which means that as a user for the past 12 years, I haven’t always been totally satisfied with Logic.

Nowadays I’ve found peace in the knowledge that all three of the DAWs that I use; Logic, Maschine and Ableton, are utilised for different facets of my musical creativity. i’m not ok but ok with it as I know that a day will come when either all will integrate seamlessly in a way that I want them to or one will do what the others do. I’m not sure which one will arrive first but I’m hopeful.

I’ve been thinking about setting up a streaming medium for sometime but wasn’t sure on the subject matter and I’m still unsure for that matter, but for now I’m just rolling with what I enjoy doing and will do more of it. In the past few weeks since shutdown started I’ve done so much music related activity than I have in the past few years, everything from talking about it via Khalid’s Concave, to creating edits during spurts of inactivity via working from home -the edits.

After much deliberation and the setting up of Twitch and YouTube, I decided it was time to research platforms. I watched some videos, downloaded some software and purchased a really nice tripod, an app and a light and through usual caution to the wind. Last night to did my first live broadcast and it went really well. Can’t wait to do more of these as I’ve got so many ideas.


TwitchWhere Is KO? | YouTube

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