WHTVRINNIT – Ep.028 – A Fresh Perspective

Since lockdown I’ve been trying to put my finger on my indifference to returning to normality. In the first Grime eTales session with Casey Bailey I wrote a piece that summed up the way I felt but hadn’t quite found a resolution for it until today. After 8 weeks I can comfortably say that through the ups and downs I have finally found peace and I have finally put together what my motivation is… Well not quite pin pointed the end goal but at the very least, come up with a series of checkpoints I’m aiming for and I know what victory looks and feels like.

Covid-19 brought the world to a halt, gifting many of us time to slow down and process life, our thought patterns and how we feel. The challenge is finding the motivation to speed up again.

  • Click here for free Rituals ePub mentioned in the episode to help you create achieve your goals.
  • Click here to listen to Cogitation track entitled Do Something Your Future Self Will Be Thankful For.


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