Khalism 001 – Matrix or Mindset

Answering a non specific rhetorical question posed to me on instagram regarding a corrupt system, coming together and creating change.

The power is there but it hasn’t been harnessed and utilised in the appropriate way. Some people don’t even realise the power they have at their disposal whether it be monetarily, economically or through influence. That’s all it is. Once people realise the power is within the mindset of self you’ll see change, but until people shake out of it, they’ll still be chasing the mirage of what society has conditioned them on what success and life goals are. People don’t think or do for themselves, they’re on autopilot -everything they do they’ve been conditioned with a preconceived identify of who they are, act and what they will become… the system isn’t broken or corrupt it just doesn’t work for humans, it works for robots that fit within the confines of the matrix to keep it ticking over. It’s not perfect but like the language and shared sense of morals in the society we live in it sorta works; jobs give us something to do but less to think about which pay taxes that fund public health and schools, that condition the minds to enter the system and dwell within it. It’s imperfect but that’s what makes it unique.

Things are just about working so people can just get by and get on with it.

It’s like in the matrix where a lot of people don’t know they aren’t happy so aren’t willing to sacrifice for being in the face of the truth because once you take that red you’re eating porridge and have no sunlight for the rest of your days. The point is the matrix gives you the comfort of routine and security, some get creative within its confines and accept it because it means they don’t have to answer calls from within to be their true selves and then have to fight for those that don’t know that they’re not free. It’s a paradox on so many levels.

There’s layers and layers of things to consider; what’s the plan of action for the next 4-5 centuries, then the break down of that into quarters and then decades to terms and then we get to the day to day. That’s a whole lotta reform in one lifetime -you’re talking Khmer Rouge CPK type ish where they tried to go to year zero (an extreme example). Overall maybe the majority are happy with the way things are and just want a chance to be great and the best version of themselves.

My questions to anyone who wants to change are; how specific do you want to get, what’s the goal, what’s the measure of success and, most importantly, how do you reverse the trend of individualism and worshipping the artificial to being communities that observe and learn from nature again?

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