Nike Air Max 95 OG Neon

If there were a holy grail of sneakers that I’ve been longing to possess since forever, the Nike Air Max 95 in the neon colourway are definitely that shoe. When they came out I was too young too peel the required monies for them, I was all of ten years old and I simply didn’t have the audacity to ask my parents for them at any point during the many years they were on sale or on re-release.  By the time I got to an age where I could afford to pay for them myself, the OG colours were nowhere to be found, whilst I had a stint at First Sport (JD Sports) they were re-released in the kids sizes but not in adults, they seemed to allude me once again.

I fell in love with 110s (aptly named due to their cost) at first sight. I don’t know what I found most alluring to be honest, I just know that [get ready for the cliché] they had a certain je nais se quoi [love that phrase]. The gradient and subtle change of layers resembled the contours found on the ordinance map that we used in primary school when doing orienteering exercises on those school trips to the middle of nowhere. The bright neon accents against the grey was the most perfect combination of colours. Also something that nobody seems to admire is the sole of the shoe. Serious. I remember staring at each pair of 95s I’ve owned when I take them out of the box for the first time, and the sole at the bottom never ceases to amaze me. The colourway and seems to remind me of wasps. Not a big fan of wasps, there’s a pear tree outside my window and if its open they tend to find their way in so I end up battling to get rid of them but ye.

The Air Max 95 to me represents nothing but sweet old nostalgia, its the type of sneaker you aspired to have. It has that Jordan 3 black cement type of sensibility as it can magically enhance your state of being into somewhat of a superhero or other worldly. Those kicks have superpowers. Looking back it’s the quintessential London shoe worn by everyone from the Casual lads in the pub with the Aquascutum and Burberry, Ghetto Boys on the block who teamed them up with Starter caps, Armani Jeans and Polo Ralph Lauren Rugbys, to the Naf Naf, Oilily, Moschino and Iceberg beanies, this sneaker is nothing short of legendary.

I recently copped a pair of triple black 95s from END whilst trying on the CDGs, but when these drop I’m deffo gonna cop at least two pairs. How about you?

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