Nike SB Dunk Low – Chunky Dunky

I think I was scrolling through Twitter when I spotted spotted these on the Sneaker News feed and I definitely had to stop and share the pic to a tumblr queued post [yes I still keep mine alive to this day] as I though I was going nuts. Since then I haven’t been able to get the kicks out of my head. The keep appearing because of their amazing character and detail.

Throughout my late teens and throughout my 20s I was well into collecting and hoarding sneakers but as my 30s hit I became disinterested and disconnected as I didn’t wish to play the free marketing game as the industry changed. You know dem repost, share and tag annoyingly ones where you’re jumping through hoops to spend several hundreds because there’s an illusion of exclusivity ones. Like why should I work so hard just to buy a pair of raaasclaaart kicks man?! Take my money and allow the raffle ting. Kmt. But hey here I am transfixed by a pair of kicks that probably will never be released or on sale widely at a price point where I’d be willing to jump out the window and grab a pair. The thing is, Nike SBs have always alluded me throughout my years as chasing the [proverbial] dragon as a sneaker enthusiast. Some shops sold them but I always seemed to miss out on the cool collabs or discover them a bit too late.

Back in the day information wasn’t as readily available as it was now so keeping up to date and on point meant you had to know your spots, shops and sources of information. I guess its a double-edged sword because although there wasn’t much information, there were more stores to cop individual head-turner pieces; Global Sports and Siddiqui’s in Bush Market, also online spots like Sneaker Pimp’s and City Sole who had hella Air Max’s and also used to ship and mark the package as gift to avoid customers and themselves paying export/import taxes… Real ones.

“I’m enamoured by the ‘Chunky Dunky’, a collaboration between Nike and Ben & Jerry’s which sees the SB Dunk Low sneaker get a colourful and textured facelift.”

Listen, deep down I’m an old head having a good old moan but those Chunky Dunky’s are landing this summer according to online sources so Ima be willing and ready, putting aside all reluctance, to cop. Feel me?

But what you saying, you like em too?

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