Lauren Faith – Cosmic EP

I woke up the earliest I’ve risen for the first time since the whole social distancing, shutdown ting started and I hopped out of bed, read some things, put on my running gear and hit the slabs. After 4k of interval running I got home and started to get into my routine, popped some music on and it was by chance that I discovered Jheeze. The connection was instant, never have I hit the like button and follow inside the Spotify app in all my life.

A few hours later I’m listening to the EP and wondering how I hadn’t heard it before. I guess it was meant to be today, the suns out and I managed to wake up with no alarm in the quiet of the morning with the sun already in the sky and clear blue skies. This is my EP now, for when I want to chill and also for when I want to project myself to a summers afternoon on any of the hilly parks in London overlooking the skyline whilst a cool breezes drifts past. Picture that.

“Stellar production, musicianship and vocals across this EP.”

This feels like the perfect EP, in fact it is, folks welcome to my first pick of Summer 2020.

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