Manga Saint Hilare – Make It Out Alive

You know the steas when Manga releases an album. You know it’s going to be a big wave with a plethora of introspective and clever bars. You know the production lineup of who’s who of your producers favourite producers producers. You know from the cover art that its already outside of the tired envelope followed by a bunch of others out there and the visuals will match up. You know we’ll get songs with proper verses, choruses and dynamics. You know that there won’t be any shadowboxing with imaginary foes. You know that it won’t sound or play the same in comparison to other projects in his discography but the one thing you do know is that for sure you’ll get a work of art that pushes the envelope as he continues to do consistently from the merch to the art to the bars and the beats.

There aren’t many artists out there who consistently bare their souls for all to hear in a genre who’s lyricists and energy has been centred around hyper-masculinity, misogyny and a lot of the time going overboard with toxic energy -think the mentioning of someones partner or family members [mums] and even going as far as to taking pictures of someones girl in the act just to use in a clash -fucked up, or the silence around predatory, abusive and discriminatory behaviour. The roads of Grime are paved with a lot of fucked up things but Manga has always been someone who I’ve nicknamed the inner consciousness of Grime as he seems to narrate every day relatable thoughts and feelings in a respectable and inclusive way.

Make It Out Alive is an album full of peace, hope and inner exploration which comes at a perfect time considering what’s happening at the moment. Zen yourself out by giving it a listen because it features production from Sir Spyro, Silencer and Lewi B.

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