Jaz Kahina – On The Way

The thing with Jaz is, anytime she drops something you know its going to BANG, get your head bobbing immediately and she’ll deffo say some ish that’s gonna make you say ‘facts!’ and stop there for a moment to twist up your face and be like ‘rah… she’s deffo summed up the current state of rap affairs with all the cookie-cuttery’. Also she never fails to link up with sick producers, Nutty P in this case, and do the most lyrically for instance when she raps about the rapper who think they have range but just drive a range before schooling you in a masterclass of vocabulary and syllable structures. That’s not even the only instance of that happening either, I can count three to four times throughout the song which proves my point in a discussion recently which went something like…

“It’s not that there aren’t any essence of the culture rappers left, you’re just not looking in the right places or giving them an incentive to drop something.”

On a real… Me and many many many many many many many many many many many [you get it innit] others are still waiting on the School Run album which if I’ve listened correctly, heard you mention that you write songs and raps on the actual school run, so you must be several hundred projects deep of 11 tracks so please lighten your load and bless us with the music.

What better time to do so at a time when everyone, including myself are hungry to hear thought provoking art, not just melodies and repetitive groundhog day type of stuff?

Big appreciation to Oliver Whitehouse for the cinematic shots. You made London’s decade long attack of the cranes look so beautiful. I almost feel as though its a juxtaposition in some respects because you’ve got this underground rapper and production duo who are dark and gritty, coming up from the escalators to walk through the remainders of Londons arches left ungentrified and in some respects a nod to the graff street art which is still much on the fringes in comparison to its mural counterparts which has been given a coolerish name to fit in, ‘street art’,to then be on top amongst the new builds and skyscrapers that the average Londoner cannot afford to live in. I wonder if this video is the disruptor that becomes the metaphoric catalyst of hope in regards to the change that will come as a result of this global crisis but hey… May just be reading into things a bit too much.

Anytime Jaz and Nutty link up its a problem but sprinkle Oliver Whitehouse from a visuals standpoint and it becomes cinematic.

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