Tiana Blake – Monday

Right I have some questions…

When Tiana wrote and recorded this song, did it include a shamanic ritual during the recording process to ensure that when it was released, we could all rejoice in collective harmony as we’d never have to experience that traumatic feeling of the last day off evening before a shift the following day for at least a few months?

Has Tiana conspired against the powers that be to create the mass media illusion of covid-19 to cause widespread shutdown, collective hysterics and fear, which resulted in shutdowns across the board to free-up everyone in the struggle feeling this way?

Did Tiana want everyone to live somewhat of a blessed life in isolation, listen to this song and relate to the lyrics which will inspire them to reflect on why they felt the way they did and what they’d do to ensure they don’t feel like that again?

“Tiana captures the collective sentiment shared by workers who get the feeling of dread the evening of the last day off before returning to work.”

Either way you look at it, however far fetched and obvs no disrespect to those going through an absolute mazzali├▒o during these times, this is actually a banger that a lot us can related to. Regardless of whether you’re actually working traditionally, trapping, or doing shit you don’t like to an extent, this could relate to you too. Final question being…

What’s your ‘Monday’ and what are you doing to not get that traumatic sentiment that Tiana conveys that we relate to so well?

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