Lewi B – Lockdown Riddim ft. Grime AllStars

How refreshing it is to see a fresh lineup of MCs waving the flag for Grime and giving us all hope in these times of social isolation and quarentine. I love the creativity behind it and the fact that it was all recorded and edited within 3hrs before it hit the air (source: Grizzly).

On this track I gotta admit that I enjoyed all the verses. Each artist was true to themselves and said something that I resonated with whether it was Grizzly spraying out the virus carriers or Genesis Elijah vocalling alot of our struggle with eating all our quarentine snacks in the first few days. Shao Dow made me laugh because he poked fun at the adults who’ve only just started washing their hands for the first time in their lives. I don’t think that’s a person you’d want to push a loaded trolley full of pasta past when he’s weilding those Sai daggers tbh. Lady Shocker’s toilet paper antics were hilarious, deffo a parody of some of those Rap videos where they be doing ridiculousness but don’t sleep on the content of the verse where she makes it clear that she’s got her two and a blue to hibernate through this lockdown. Chey echoed the sentiment of preparation but hilariously shared that she’s not gonna floss the TP – clever as you know how watchy watchy and desperate people get…

This are more than just music, it’s artists coming together to create something that gives us hope that brighter days are ahead and we’re all in this together.

We’ve all been traumatised by the news stories and statistics, being alienated from our loved ones and worrying about their welfare, and whether we’d be able to grab the essentials from the shop to survive but this brings us all closer together. Grime AllStars have given us hope through their lyrical commentary and Lewi B has provided a great soundtrack and lighthearted visuals.

I sincerely hope this is the first of many…

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