WHTVRINNIT – Ep.020 – Don’t Touch My Hair

I saw one meme, ONE MEME, online which happened to trigger the trauma of when someone’s hand came out of nowhere and grabbed my hair by surprise. The cries from the ancestors were heard from the depths of my soul after everything seemed to slow down and I stood there helplessly wondering whether it was a scene out of a horror movie. Cue the alarm from Kill Bill, cue the instinctive action of killing the rage as I didn’t want to be the ‘angry’ black guy. Imagine that, inappropriate touched by someone who invaded my personal space and in that moment I’m trying to keep rational and calm as if I am protecting the perpatrator from being mauled by my rage?

It seems like we as black people in western spaces have programmed ourselves into assimilating so much that we feel we can’t instinctively call out injustices against us, but instead tread very carefully for fear of being labelled. These are the microagressions that we stomach and navigate on a daily, weighing up the gravity of such things in real time as if we have pick which one we respond to wisely. This is just the way it is, how it’s always been. When you’re black you have additional senses to spot the fuckry but hey…

My personal traumatic moment I speak of in this episode dates back to 2017 and I have friends that still go through this ‘TILL THIS DAY’, and for eons prior. The episode somehow manifested itself across several insta stories before it became an episode. That’s beauty of this podcast, it is really about whatever comes out of my life in real time.

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