Barney Artist – Home is Where the Art Is

This guy is awesome. Funniest mofo on the timeline but makes some of the most soulful and chilledout music. The album is beautiful and guides you down some dark paths, the more I listen I can’t be sure if the discography is one long epic tragedy where Barney gets his happy ending. I remember listening to this and the track came on where he basically rolls up on his sister’s man and thinking ‘fuck why hasn’t anyone did that before, he’s a genius!’. I definitely cringe when I hear it before it sounds more like fly on the wall experience than a song.

I’m waiting for Barney to have a heroes ending in his discography as opposed to a neverending Odyssey of heartbreak. I just want him to win and that’s what so beautiful about it, this guy is literally a Hip Hop Epic in motion.

I think my favorite track off the album is Apologies. It’s an eerie listen with a third of the track being dedicated to a voicemail of someone apologising for missing a birthday. It’s a brutal listen because when you hear the long list of excuses and apologies it sounds like someone who didn’t care much in the first place is kinda scared that you’re no longer in the pocket to be the potential fallback option, but you only realise that they didn’t care until til a while after they forget to make the birthday call and you retrace all previous instances and realise that they only gave you enough bait to keep you on the line. Time to fly and explore pastures new Barns… Am I relating to this track too much? Meh… Who knows, lets just say that I identified with the sentiment experienced in the past.

Home is Where the Art Is out on all platforms.

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