Genesis Elijah – All Jokes Aside

The thing I admire most about the artist known as Genesis Elijah is that if his artistry was a style, he’d probably be water because he can adapt to anything. He not only takes shape of its form and its iconography to perfection but he drops gems in the process, making it somewhat of a conscious journey through food for thought whilst your fave artists from a particular style talk nothing but jibberish. The last part sounded well judgey but oh well. He even brings it back to the old school where artists would show a preview of the next project at the end of the track and that’s where he gives those who are familiar with his legacy, or even those who may think he’s another wavey ironically sad-boy type rapper [killing it with the labels aren’t I?], a reminder of who he is and that he can really wields words as if he were the great Miyamoto Mushashi slicing through the ops in the Japan of antiquity.

The Creature from Beneath The Mainstream is OUT NOW on all platforms.

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