Gareth Donkin – Catharsis

It’s not everyday that a clip of someone performing a song on twitter changes your life… dramatic much??? Yep! But you know how I roll already. Once I find something I love it’s a fucking WRAP!!!

I feel like the clip was cute -like one of them cat videos or memes that draw you in and make you feel all warm and fuzzy or restore your faith in the world but when I heard Catharsis… damn!!! Like jeee-wiz my life was at a standstill in awe, head bobbing began and didn’t stop for ten straight minutes whilst going through all his socials following and streaming like a insta-fucking-fan.

I can’t lie… I headed to Soundcloud and adventurously hit play, and I was hit by a bolt that I had followed on Bandcamp, Instagram and Spotify in quick succession before the first verse hit. Fucking powers. Seriously. I even dropped a message in the inbox on some fanboy tip just to let man know that I was streaming and supporting the ting.

I’m looking forward to everything this guy drops to be honest as he’s like 19 with a bright fucking future. Mate man like Gaz is now my favourite artist. If the music is only on Spotify I may need to resubscribe to be honest as I recently switched up to Apple Music because of my integrated products…

Anyway, enough of my spontaneous train of thought written whilst waiting for the train to take off from Blackfriars, but I wanted to -nah I had to share this with you ASAP, and I finally did shortly after taking off from Nunhead…


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