Apple Airpods Pro

I can’t lie… when these were announced I didn’t belive the hype -I thought it was a myth, they dropped and I was shocked that they were available and in stock to cop like immediately -with zero wait time [wowzerini!], I tried them on for 5mins and copped about 32hrs later before racing to the store to collect, however…

I returned them 32hrs later having realised that I just couldn’t justify the ownership. They sound amazing, the noise cancellation and the way these integrate into the iOS are smooooooth. I just couldn’t fault them in all honesty but, If I’m going to be genuinely transparent, I couldn’t find a good enough reason to keep hold of them either.

“AirPods Pro. Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound. Transparency mode to hear what’s happening around you. And three sizes of silicone tips for a customizable fit. It’s magic like you’ve never heard.” –

My 1st Gen Airpods are great, they’re working well and serve their purpose faultlessly. They’re light, compact, sit in the ear just right, the case fits in most pockets with no issues, they’ve accompanied me on a lot of trips abroad and during commutes -I have no complaints although if I had any, it would be for things that are outside of their remit such as gym trips, running and moderate to intense workouts. I have my tap gestures setup that I can always customise and I don’t have to find a new way of working in order to integrate them into everyday life, they serve their purpose well.

Perhaps the reason why I couldn’t justify the ownership is because my 1st Gen Airpods do everything that I expect them to do and for the gym and more immersive side of things I have my Powerbeats Pros. If I had one issue with the Airpod Pros it would probably be -a personal issue- that there’s so much features packed into them that they almost make my personal audio setup quite obsolete. The ability to switch between transparency and noise cancellation render both my 1st Gen Airpods and my Powerbeats pretty useless because I use the Airpods for the transparency -ease of transportation casewise, and the Powerbeats to immerse myself in the music during a workout or to phase out the outside world.

“All I ever wanted from a pair of headphones but released when I wasn’t ready to give up my existing options because they would become obsolete… No cappington.” – Khalid

Airpod Pro gestures are next level -as I’m finding out in the 24hrs since refund- a mixture of haptic[?] and force touch on the Airpod Pros where you could achieve everything from skipping a track to volume in comparison with 1st Gens where its a two tap affair on either side for your desired command. In a way that’s what I was expecting, it made me realise at the time that maybe I was content or upon reflection I just didn’t like the idea of change; I finally had a product that combined all my favourite features of my headphones -one of which were only released and purchased a few months ago.

I’d definitely rate the Apple Airpod Pro 5/5 for innovation and quality of sound however as my 1st Gen Airpods and Powerbeats have two distinct uses that I weren’t ready to combine into one product just yet, I abandonned ship -in some respects a bit too early but hey it is what it is.

Are you thinking of upgrading, did I jump ship too early, is the grass really greener on the Pro side?

Drop a comment and let me know what’s popping for you


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