Withings – Body Cardio Wi-Fi Smart Scales

I’d recommend this product to anyone who wants to take control of their general health and likes to not only see a breakdown of how much they weigh but what they are composed of. The Body Cardio Wi-Fi Smart Scales allow you to weigh smarter and pintpoint your efforts as a result of knowing exactly what’s beyond the number; weight, Fat mass, Muscle mass, Water, Bone mass.

Weigh smarter and pintpoint your efforts as a result of knowing exactly what’s beyond the number.


The Health Mate app for iOS [and Android] is easy to understand and seamlessly integrates with the native Health app in iOS. The body composition allows you to see subtle changes day to day and week to week, especially if you’ve incorporated weight, cardio and other forms of training activity. The patterns you identify motivate you to go harder and also hold yourself accountable when you start slacking!


  • Heart health: cardiovasular health via Pulse Wave Velocity and heart rate
  • Body composition: weight trends, body fat & water percentage, muscle & bone mass
  • Seamless Wi-Fi sync: Automatic data sync via Wi-Fi to the free Health Mate app
  • Multi-user friendly: Recognises up to 8 users independently
  • Tailored to you: Opt into Pregnancy Tracker, baby weighing feature, or enable Athlete Mode
  • Life-friendly feature: Ultra-thin design, rechargable battery, localised weather forecast

411Fh35welL_500x500I purchased and set this up mid January 2019 and it’s currently on 45% battery after nearly 9mths, being used daily and by two people. I made a decision to make the investment when Withings dropped the price in a sale and I got serious about being in control of my health. This scale alongside regular exercise and better lifestyle choices allow me to hold myself acccountable. I weigh myself every morning, pretty much after I wake up and check my progress using the Health Mate app which gives an explaination of the different metrics measures and how they can give you an insight into your overall health. The apps user interface is very user friendly and also allows you to rapidly identify trends.


If you would like to purchase click here, for more info click here.

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