Stormzy – Sounds of The Skeng

No matter what way you view it, Stormzy is the reigning lord and saviour of Grime. Unapologetically did it on his own terms, paid homage and revitalised long forgotton eras and instrumentals in Grime before releasing banger after banger, uploading to his own network and channel, utilising one of Grime’s most prolific producers, Sir Spyro for standout unapologetic Grime singles and headlining Glasto. It’s been an epic journey but this is just the beginning!

After such an impressive run, the Grime Lord and Savior is back with what seems an answer to the naysayers, the haters and those who still haven’t accepted that Grime finally has a King; ordained by the Gods themselves to reign over what was once known as a subculture, that has become gel between so many cultures in the UK. Grime has never had a King who managed to unite all regions as Stormzy did; Prior to King Mike I, the culture was governed by feudal lords who had somewhat of an inconsistent stranglehold built upon a foundation of ‘legacy’. The Shadow Shogun has now been dethroned by Empreror Storzy who has United the Kingdom of Grime across all regions, brought the culture to a mainstream and global platform with freestyles and brand partnerships, creating scholarships and publishing companies so those of the culture can tell their story, further legitimising our experience in cultural and historical spaces, all the while doing it unapoligetically.

The bars are filled with hot takes of shade, which I’m sure will cut deep in the hearts of those whose head fits the crown of thorns bestowed not so subliminally upon them.

Sir Spyro is infact a wizard of Grime production, not only that but an EPIC DJ, who has an equilibrial approach to remix and production -as he knows not only what a listener responds to but also what makes an MC tick and want to let loose on a track. His productions are menacing, theatrical and nothing short of epic. Spyro produces soundscapes that you can be envision being performed at the last night of Proms. They aren’t linear but playback much like an epic tale of adventure as they move along, turning lyricists into heroes going into battle and becomming triumphant.

All hail the partnership of Stormzy and Sir Spyro, may they forever push the boundaries and deliver the true essence of Grime to all corners of the globe and beyond.

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