J.Lamotta – Conscious Tree

This is the album I listen to when I want peace during my morning routine or whenever I wish to detach myself from the world and meditate. The songs are soothing, the energy is calming, I get a cleansing feeling of freedom.

Words can’t describe how much I love this album.

The album has been the soundtrack of my summer 2019 thus far and will definitely be something that will stay in heavy rotation for years to come. It sets a beautiful tone for your day and it can soundtrack all situations and scenarios; whilst working, chilling, working out, and commuting. It’s also something you can listen to when you need to level out after a rough moment, for me it is a perfect piece of art to accompany you throughout the days and nights.

I don’t have a stand out favourite because, no cap, all of the tracks are as great as the last. However standout bangers that I often play a few times over are Who Is Who, Chance, Deal with That, Don’t Take Us to the Bottom and Everybody Needs the Sunshine -pretty much every track on the album is a banger! I can’t listen to choice cuts or in any other that deviates from tracklist because I naturally expect things to come in after something else. A lot of thought has gone into the flow of this playlist because Conscious Tree plays out like a journey as opposed to a collection of tracks. On a real, every listening experience needs to begin with Dig It because it kind of just cleanses my energy palette to receive all the good stuff. The way Don’t Take Us to the Bottom creeps in straight after is perfection, then Expressing Myself calms me down a piece and then… You get my drift. I absolutely love this album!

Words can’t describe how much I admire and love listening to this album, everything about it; the jazz/hip hop/soul feel, the soothing sentiments captured, the brass licks and solos, the way J.Lamotta’s vocals glide along the waves as if they were sails on a ship -they are one with the music, a part of it as every featured instrument, pensive poetic content. This is my vibration right here.


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