The Untold Story of Mims

This is insightful on so many levels. Also a great lesson in why you should be careful when it scomes to labels and deals. Interestingly enough Mims already had his own team and went into negotiations as his own entity as opposed to just an artist but still the label found a way to eff them over. So many lessons learnt but mims still came out on top as he had negotiated a separate publishing deal and got to release a sophmore album on his own terms… kinda. This is so interesting because Mims is so candid with his journey and decided from early on that he was going to be in control and learnt rather quickly that a ‘deal’ is giving up your control and being misrepresented to some extent. It also teaches you that a label is not interested in your artistry but in your profit as they will always see your as a commodity and will schedule your release in line with accounting reports.

If you’re really not investing in yourself and creating your own infrastructure in this day and age as opposed to waiting for someone else to sign and control you, you’re actually insane.

Shout to Mims and BET for putting together something so insightful that myself and many others can learn from. I wish Mims the best of luck in the tech and music industry because creating an app that allows someone to record whole songs on the fly and send them up democratises creativity on a large scale. Click Here to find out about

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