Manga Saint Hilare – Fear No One

For me Manga Saint Hilare is like the people’s champ of Grime. He has this open and honest way of expressing himself and doesn’t conform to the standard cadances, he’s quite like the voice in your head. Fear No One is a vibe, easy on the ear in typical Manga style but yet another thing you can listen to when you need a pick me up or to remind yourself that there really isn’t anything to fear except the person who makes the decisions in all your circumstances -higher or lower self?

Some people look up to the sky for God whilst others also take a deep look within themselves.

  • Produced by Mitch 7
  • Directed by Saoud Khalaf & Manga Saint Hilare
  • Edited by Manga Saint Hilare
  • Released by Bare Selection
  • Artwork by Stevie Grimes
  • Overlooked by The Wingrunners.

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