Nail Biters

There’s nothing I find greater displeasure witnessing than someone biting their nails. It’s the constant gnawing, the wrestling of mouth and finger tip, which makes me sick to the stomach as I have no idea where the shards of gnawed finger nail will end up: will the nasty person sneak a cheeky spit of those nails up to a few yards in radius whilst no ones looking, place the finger [not yet gnawed] to the mouth in order to catch the shards of finger nail, or will the perpetrator swallow the fingernail altogether in an awkward gulp with that uncomfortable facial expression that reads “Has anyone noticed what I’m doing, I’m paranoid that they’ve noticed and I’m ashamed of what I’m doing but I can’t help but gnaw at these nails”.

I find nail biting distasteful, I can’t help but to wish these perpetrators would not subject me to witness such a heinous act. The paranoia of observing every move made by the perp, trying to read whether they’re spitting or swallowing, observing where they’re putting their hands and whether there’s a seat further away from where they’re sitting to remove oneself from the line of fire. It’s all too much to think about whilst commuting to and from work, or at work in your customer facing role where you deal with all sorts all day long. I have no choice but to swerve the patient and the whole area around them for fear that I may touch any of the debris.

There’s been a few times in my life where I have been subjected to the presence of a nail biter, whether at uni, at leisure, commuting or at work, one things for sure, the sound of the saliva and the impact of the nail against the teeth is sickening. Please, for mine and everyone else’s sake, stop biting your nails, it is neither hygienic nor flattering.

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