Pájaros de Verano [Birds of Passage]

Last weekend I went to see Pájaros de Verano [Birds of Passage], a film chronicling the rise of fall of a Wayúu family spanning two decades during the early days of the illegal marijuana trade in Colombia 🇨🇴.

Fun fact: The Wayúu language is part of the Arawak [Maipuran] language family, and Arawak were the first inhabitants of Jamaica 🇯🇲.

The film focuses a lot on the mystical and tribal aspects, not to say that mandem don’t get busy with the headtopping -comparable to The Godfather in the way it’s clan and family orientated, but there were levels to it that I haven’t yet encountered in a crime based drama before.

Pájaros de Verano is showing at Curzon cinemas, click here to book.

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