Buns and Buns

Every weekend me and my girl have a date day where we do some form of activity or go out to eat at a new place. Over the course of a few months we have officially branded Saturday’s ‘Date Day’. So far we’ve built up a list of places to visit, enjoyed a majority but haven’t escaped unscathed ie. the fancier the establishment looks on Instagram etc doesn’t always mean it will be that way in real life..

Captivated on Instagram

Scrolling through instagram and received a DM from my girl saying “We gotta go here for data day”. The picture I saw was of what would be the world’s tastiest Lobster and Brioche roll with fries. I scrolled through their feed and found picture upon picture of tantilising food that immediately appealed to my tastebuds. I didn’t look at the menu prior to arrival however I envisioned a land where exotic and tasteful combinations were in abundance. I didn’t know what I was expecting or what I’d end up ordering, however I did know that whatever way my choices panned out I’d end up enjoying the experience.

Great Atmosphere

We arrived and it was bustling with activity. It was packed, in a good way, people were smiling, the atmosphere was light and airy -great use of space and the kitchen was open plan with seats around the chefs so you could observe all the exciting ways in which they prepared the food. On a busy Saturday afternoon, seating was tightly packed together but non-intrusive, pull out tables to get into your seat but ok nonetheless. The exterior is glass so you are pretty much advertising how good the food and drinks are ie. I was sipping on my Raspberry Wine Spritzer when a couple of ladies peeped through the window, pointed at my plate and next thing I know they’re ordering exactly what I had and sat next to us.

Our Order

  • Chilli Thai prawn bun – Aioli, coriander, lime
  • Pork belly bun – Bourbon glaze, apple coleslaw
  • Lobster Brioche Roll [x2] – Japanese dressing, chives, fries
  • Tomato, Avocado, Cucumber – Olive Oil, lime juice and sea salt
  • Lychee Martini – Tanqueray Gin, Kwai Feh Lychee Liquer, lavender syrup, lime juice
  • Raspberry Wine Spritz – Chardonnay, raspberry syrup, soda water

Total Spend: £110 [inc. £13 service charge*]

Would you go back?

Of course! I’d double up on the Chilli Thai prawn bun and perhaps try the Twisted Champange cocktail as they had run out of the ingredients on this visit to make one. I really liked that it was located in the historic piazza, on the end end right next to where the street performers are so you will hear the crowds roar from time to time which adds to the excitement.

Buns and Buns, 5C Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 8RA

*They removed the service charge from the bill because there was some confusion surrounding a mishap.


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